A NEW MINI SEASON - Season 32 - Week 1

Well I do feel a bit for Mr Moyes but I'm starting to think he is on borrowed time. Unless they can pull a champions league turn around out of the bag this week I worry for his future. I only worry cos he might end up at my club!!!! But then we're shit at the moment so it wouldn't really matter. Liverpool put their title challenge in, Man City win with 10, and what were Chelski doing? Oh how they wish they had a decent striker. At the bottom Fulham win...stop the press Fulham won blimey its not all over at the bottom. Actually its quite close now. Norwich are shite, Swansea are losing regularly if I supported either of them at the moment I'd be worried. Even WBA won, they sack Anelka and then beat the Swans.

Leicester look to have it sewn up in Championship. North of the border Aberdeen won the league cup on penalties well done to the dons.

In the leagues there were over 20 winners. The pick of the week being James Holland who went sausage side for a great return ,Hannover 1664 or whatever their called won 3-0 away at odds of a net 3.00. Nice spot James.


Loads of wins here, but then you are the creme de la creme so we should expect no other. Just three losers out of ten picks. The best pick and making the early pace is Jim McLean he got 1.15 for Dundee away. He lkeads by 5p over Mono Guerillo and Pete Cornwell who both won 1.10 for Stoke & Sheff weds respectively. Andy Ewart started well with Cheltenham @0.80 Ian Menzies spotted Leeds are shit and picked Burnley @0.73 Darryn Cook went with Southampton to beat Norwich @0.57 and Steph Cook won 0.36 with 'the Steph' pick.


a full house here too. Only four wins. The best was Daniel Cook who leads with Fulham at 1.88. Then Nigel Howlett who dipped into the conference with Halifax away @1.63. Nick Lines is third with Burnley @0.73 then David Lloyd who plumped for Man City @0.50.


A very competitive start in this league. James Holland flies ahead with his pick of the week @3.00. But Craig Lowe picked Liverpool @1.88 and also Dong Zheng who got 1.88 for Fulham at home. Ross Jones got 1.10 for Sheff weds at home. Jimmy Smith is playing the tortoise and the hare game with a safe Everton pick at 0.33.


Only one winner here. But what a winner. Second best pick of the week with West Bromich Albion away at Swansea @2.60. The rest lost.


Lee Denson leads with York at home @1.00. Malcolm gibson picked Burnley @0.73 & Matthew Roworth also won with Southampton at home @0.57.


Dickson pato won well with 1.75 for his pick of Shalke away aus duetschland. GEEGEE was bound to win in Cheltenham week they got 0.53 for Dundee united at home.

Pineapple Lee

My wife, chrissy Blackers, leads this league with her pick of Liverpool away @1.88. And i won't hear the end of it this week. Dave Jones was a believer in Sheff weds at home at 1.10. and also David Rosser won with Watford at home @0.57 three out of four not bad.

Ali dia

Just one picker here The Binman. He won well with Liverpool @1.88. I noticed some good wins for mr binman when he was in holdsworth. If he doesn't get much competition in this league I think he should push for the overall title in his debut season. Keep it up Binny. Remember we have our normal picks every other week & recycled picks on the opposite week. Try not to leave a mess and keep the noise down and we may well give you a tip at christmas! Well done.

Its started again ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls, and tony. Pick well, eat healthly ,exercise regularly and empty your bowels at every opportunity and remember the words of Confucius, he said man who goes to bed with itchy bum wakes up with smelly finger!




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