My Oh My What A Weekend!!! - Season 31 - Week 10

Firstly Wigan, from the championship, forget the fact they are Fa cup holders, they are from the championship beat Manchester City at the Etihad, the team most people are saying will win the premier league. What a result.

Better than that PATRICIA, either through a wanton abandon or actual painstaking form analysis (i'll let you decide which it was) picked Wigan at 14.00. She claims the joint second best ever pick!!!!

Not only that but Barcelona , supposedly the best club side ever in the history of world football, the very blueprint by which many clubs set their standard, the side which is mainly made up of the Spanish world and european championship winning side they manage to lose to Real Valuebrand or whatever they are called.

Ben Warman again uses his pin or maybe his crystal balls (you should hear em knocking together when he runs!!) to pick this out at a huge 10.00.

Well done to you two.

And a very well done to our champion of the overall league Malcolm. He retains his title with a larger win than last season. Its the first time this has happened since Way back when David Rosser did so in seasons 5 & 6.

Malcolm managed it with 6 wins, so some shrewd picking to score well when he won. The most consistant picker was Andy Ewart who is the Pele League winner.

Andy lost in the first week then has gone on a 9 week winning streak. Who did he pick in that first week? Leeds United who lost spectacularly to Rochdale. A Mr Steady approach is maybe the way to go. Andys winning total was the largest to win the top league for 19 seasons.

How did it go in the leagues


Andy Ewart won. In second was Trevor Gibbons.

Relegated were: Mervyn Davies - Matthew Gibbons - Tony Southworth - Ross Jones


Winner Pete Cornwell - second place Mono Guerillo

Relegated - Chris Hinch -Dave Horseman - WART - Phillip Hocknell


Winner Jim McLean – Second place James Delahunt(by 3p)

Relegated – Tony Griffiths – Chris Cann- Al Smith – Phillip Brickell


Winner Malcolm second Place Nigel Howlett

Bottom – Jonathan Dunk


Winner Zach – Second place Daniel Cook

Bottom (from regular pickers and with a 0% win rate) me!!


Winner PATRICIA Second place Dong Zheng

Bottom Kumar

Pineapple Lee

Winner Ben (10) Warman second place Steve Tester

Bottom jim Hamilton

Ali Dia

Winner - Matthew Roworth

Second place Ben drury

Bottom loads.

All the guys who didn't pick this season and just sit in the leagues not moving and all theguys in the holdsworth now WHERE ARE YOU, LETS BE HAVING YOU, COME ON, WE NEED YOU. Thanks Delia give me back my keyboard now.

Seriously though if you all pick each week it would make it a dynamite competition.

Lets hope some of you will play soon.

Cheers guys keep the faith.

See you next week for season 32.



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