So I'm better this week, man flu laid me up last week. Lets have a look at whats been happening.

History is made by Newcastle this week. The first ever headbutt by a manager on a player in the prem.

It was only a bit of a butt, wouldn't it have been great to see a proper Glasgow kiss right on his nose, blam. Pardew will be out of the game for quite a while once the FA get to grips with it.

Liverpool win again and moved to second. Hmmm interesting. Chelski stay top. As for Arsenal well it looks all over as per normal. Sunderland thought they had it sorted at half time but what a goal from Yaya. Man City go on to win.

In the leagues

Three players foresaw Stoke giving one up the Arse. They got rewarded with 4.50 for that pick ofthe week.

The lucky pickers were: Mono Guerillo, James Holland & Paul Shakespeare.


Andy Ewart wins again and barring any long shots should have the pele sorted. He went for Wolves at home @0.50. Second and third are seperated by 2p. Trevor Gibbons who has had a great run lately won again with Villa @1.00 Darryn Cook third placed won with Liverpool @0.91. Steph Cook won with 'the Steph' what else as Leicester won @0.40 it keeps her out of relegation. Biggest winner was matthew Gibbons who won with Burnley @1.25 to give him an outside chance of safety.


Six winners here. Mono was top pick with Stoke @4.50 he is second. Pete Cornwell stays top with a win Watford @0.73. Close up in third is Hodgie333 who won with Orient @0.62. Martyn Cornwell hammed it up with Parma away @1.05. David lloyd won with Liverpool @0.91 and Nick lines also won with Wolves @0.50.


James Hollands 4.50 pick takes him out of relegation to relative safety. Other than that the top three won on top Jim McLean went with Aberdeen at home @0.67 in second James Delahunt had a nice win with Brighton away @1.20

Duncan also won with Livingston @0.73. 3p between second and third makes this very interesting.


Pick of the weeker here and top of the overall league too. Woohoo. Paul Shakespeare is it a dagger I see before me

Stoke @4.50. At the top Malcolm stays well clear all all comers in this and overall league he won with Boltons demolition of Blackburn @1.38. Nigel Howlett consolidated second with Parma @1.05. Sohail Virdi also won with Wolves @0.50


Just one winner here, Daniel Cook made it a family full house with Burnley at home @1.25. he moves into second place by 3p (seems a popular amount)


Two winners here but it makes not a lot of difference. Dickson pato won with a sausage side pick of 1899 Hoffenheim

@1.50.They were already well clear. Owen williams is third and he won with Liverpool @0.91. but stays in minus figures.

Pineapple Lee

Well this week sums up this league really, everyone including my missus going for the big score to get up and the winner the only winner is Ben warman who is top and playing safe but still in minus he wins with barca @0.04p. Wooooooo

Ali Dia

Only one picker, he lost.

Last week of this mini season this week i for one will be glad its over and we can start again. The only question is can i make it a full house of losses. And finish minus ten cos i'm the first to admit it ive been shite this season absolute dog shite.



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