The wheels have come off - Week 7

Pete Cornwell has gone to pot official. And if he stops smoking it he may be able to pick better!! Malcolm has come through the draw specialist is reaping the rewards of draw picking. He heads the overall league with 7.25. can he win it?Course you can Malcolm. (one for the older members there)

So what happened this weekend? Howard Webb should have gone to specsavers Rooney is set to sign a new contract for £300K a week. Thats £100K for each brain cell!! Not bad for a potato lookalike. Eh? Sheff United did Forest to get to the quarters of the FA Cup and cost me £80 ruining my bet!!

What was Ponche.....poncie....poncheet...the Southampton manager doing with his team selection? He must have been the only one who didn't think they had a chance in the FA Cup this year. Still they can now push to make sure they finish eighth and claim the possible euro place!! woo. Rock n roll.

In the leagues, although Malcolm did win well he didn't get pick of the week that went to Robert Paton who also picked a draw, north of the border this time with Inverness Hearts 0-0.


Andy Ewart won again and leads the way but a margin he won with Rochdale @0.73. Didier Segovia is third and had best win here with Man City at Home at a value grabbing 1.10 (its so easy to pick afterwards) Mervyn Davies won with form team Brentford away @0.80 Trevor Gibbons also triumphed with Wolves at home @0.50 and Ross Jones was postponed.


While Pete Cornwell lost it those in 2nd 3rd and 4th all won along with Petes Brother Martyn who got first win for a while with[email protected]. Hodgie333 in 2nd won with Scunny away @1.20, with three weeks to go to catch Pete he has started well. David Lloyd won small but safe with Celtic @0.22 and Nick Lines also won with Wolves @0.50.


Jim McLean still leads despite not bothering to pick this week, such confidence.

Craig Lowe was the big winner with 2nd best pick of the week Wigans great away win @2.75. Jimmy Smith won with Man[email protected]. James Delahunt was postponed.


What a league this is this week. Picker of the week Robert Paton and Malcolm leader of overall league with 3.33 and 2.25 respectively. The other winners were all in the top five. Bill Imrie in 2nd won with Peterhead @0.57, Nigel Howlett won well with Dunfermline away @1.10 Sohail Virdi won with Chesterfield @0.50. The second spot is up for grabs between any of the top five but Malcolm looks to have this sewn up, unless robert paton can pull out another couple of big picks.


Zach is 2nd in overall league and well out in front here with 6.00 he won well with Sunderland @1.88 Lee Denson won in second with Man City @1.10 Neil Bourne won safely with Celtic @0.22 and Daniel Cook was postponed.


Dong Zheng still in front no winners so as was here

Pineapple Lee

One of two leagues without a positive total. Ben warman leads and was the only winner with Everton @0.57 David Rosser was postponed.

Ali Dia

Just one picker he lost but he being Matthew Roworth stays top.

Quick mention for The Binman in the holdsworth league who had second best pick of the week equal with Wigan @2.75.

Cheers All



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