Just one 100% record remains intact, the weeks results took their toll on the other three records and leave just Pete Cornwell. It is seemingly a walk in the park picking results for Pete. Just to load the pressure up on him I'm expecting a record total, we're only halfway and he already has £7.94. a score those of us sitting on minus £5 would like even half of.

What happened in the world of footie this weekend?

 The Leeds United circus rolled into town headed by some Italian Knob - manager sacked ...manager reinstated.. board members go beseige the club car park blocking in managers wins 5-1. that was a week that was!!

Sunderland continue to impress and Adam Johnson stakes his claim for a place on the plane to Manaus. Fulham hit the bottom. Arsenal win again. Oh yes how can i forget (OMG how I laughed) Man Utd come unstuck to Charlie Adam and Stoke City. I had seen a report earlier that day saying how Mata, Van Persie & Rooney were all fit and going to go on the rampage playing together for the first time.....hmmmm.

In the leagues it was a hit and miss week with only 20 winners from 56 picks.

The pick of the week was from Tony Griffiths who was the only one brave enough to go for in form Sunderland @3.50.


Andy Ewart cemented his top spot with 'the Steph' pick of Leicester city @0.83.

Didier Segovia had the highest pick of the Pele with Cardiff at home @1.20. Ian Menzies scored well with Ipswich at home @1.00 Matthew Gibbons won with Wolves @0.53 and Trevor Gibbons chose Nottingham Forest @0.40

Steph was obviously so annoyed with the misuse of her Leicester pick she didn't pick anyone else!!!!!!!!!


If i was a bookmaker I'd be paying out on Pete cornwell to win this league already!! £6.87 ahead ,only a fool could throw this away!! or a worldy of a result.

Pete continued with Reading away @1.38 The only other winner was Hodgie333 who has returned to form lately this week with Southampton away @1.25. A late surge for second place who knows?


Well two great wins here this week Tony Griffiths with his pick of the week but also Jim Mclean at the top wins 3.33 with the Falkirk Greenock Morton draw. Also Duncan wins in 2nd place with Aberdeen @0.91. Craig Lowe was the fourth winner with 'the Steph' @0.83. Chris Cann gets a nil as the genoa game was postponed till today. Just as well cos Genoa are losing with half hour to go!!


Just the two winners here. Bill Imrie with Dunfermline @1.00 and Sohail virdi Forest @0.40. Bill is slowly homing in on malcolm at the top.


Three wins here, Daniel Cook and his Cardiff pick @1.20. Malcolm Gibson and his Southampton pick @1.25 and Neil Bourne with his Forest pick @0.40. They are 2nd, 3rd & 4th respectively. Zach is still out in front but has started to look over his shoulder.


A competitive league this one but this week the top two couldn't win so Dong Zheng was left to close in with a good West Ham win @1.75. PATRICIA also showed just why her name is always in capitals with a firm Blackburn win @0.73. All to play for.

Pineapple Lee

One winner my Missus Chrissy Blackers with 'the Steph' @0.83. she may even nick in for promotion yet.

Ali dia

Matthew Roworth reaffirms his top spot with Ipswich @1.00.

You gotta feel for Martyn Cornwell this week even I had marked off his derby win @1.38 only for Federico Macheda to level for the blues in the 95th minute!!

Sorry Mart minus one like the rest of us mortals.

See you next time .



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