ANAL CIST - Week 4

So it was FA Cup weekend and nothing too exciting happened!! All the expected sides won really, with the possible exception of Fulham who drew. So why didn't i clean up at the bookies. Cos i'm a knob thats why. I put bloody Crystal Palace in there didn't I!!!!!!!

Elsewhere Juan Mata arrived at Old Trafford to try and patch up everything thats wrong with United. Good Luck thats juan job i wouldn't want (Ho Ho Do you see what i did there !!) Headline writers at the Sun have their pencils ready Man Utd Juan cardiff Nil etc etc etc zzzzzzz tired now.

In the leagues

Four people have a 100% record to protect. Darryn Cook, Pete Cornwell David Lloyd and Dickson Pato. Pete still leads the overall league his lowest win was this week @1.15. His average is 1.64 per week, but can he sustain this blistering form if he can keep that average he would become the highest ever scoring winner, eclipsing season eight's Nik Simms (whatever happened to them?) 13.55.

We will see Peter we will see.


Good week here 7 (seven) winners (why do they do that on videprinters when the score is more than 5 they put it in words too do they thik the regular footie fan is so thick that they don't recognise numbers over 5!! sort it out)

The best win was Trevor Gibbons with Sheff weds away @1.15 he goes third. At the top it was all swap with Andy Ewart regaining top slot with Wolves @0.67, Whilst Darryn Cook went for a safer Liverpool @0.30. Ian Menzies picked Swansea @1.00 M Gibbons went swindon @0.62 Merv Davies took stephs Leicester @0.67 (maybe she didn't fancy them this week) Steph herself picked Southampton @0.25 . A ding dong doo for top spot already keep them peeled.


Pete Cornwell continues his stroll through this season with Sheff weds @1.15 he leads, David lloyd is plodding away in second he won with Wolves @0.67. Hodgie333 rediscovered his winning ways with Chesterfield @0.95. Mono Guerillo went welsh for swansea @1.00 Nick Lines went form with Brentford @0.36.


Only one winner here and a postponed. Jim Mclean was postponed a problem this time of year particularly north of the border. The Winner was Duncan who went sausage side for FC Schalke away @1.38. e moves into 2nd 50p behind the leader.


Best pick of the week winner a normal winner and a postponed here.

Pick of the week was Malcolm the draw specialist. He picked out Backburn v Derby @2.20. Nigel Howlett was the other winner with tamworth in the Skrill Conference @1.05. Postponed was Bill Imrie. As you were Bill.


Two winners here, the best was Lee Denson who picked out Sheff weds (very popular pick) @ 1.15 and Zach who says top with a safe-ish Southampton @0.25. I lost again!!!!!


Four winners here the best was Robert Kean who went north of the border for Killie @1.75, Tom Kerr (waynes brother) went with Cardiff @1.25 he sits third. In 2nd is owen williams who won with Chelski @0.22 Dickson Pato, one of our 100 club, leads and he went to Italy for AC Milan to regain some form away @0.83. Competitive league.

Pineapple Lee

Just the one

Martin young

he went for swans

and scored the ones (1.00)

(nearly rhymed)

Ali Dia

Again just one winner Matthew Roworth sits atop the league, he won with Cardiff @1.25. Good stuff

So some of us have a 100% record to keep up some of us need to get our first win. Bring it on in week 5.



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