Man u blues - Week 3

Oh how my heart bleeds for all these Man Utd fans ringing in radio phone ins moaning about Davey Moyes. I seem to remember at the beginning of the season they were all saying give it time, its the long game we're playing etc etc. A few bad results later and its 'Moyes out'. Oh how I'm laughing.

And to rub the salt even deeper a hat trick from a 32 year old Et'o written off by many! At the bottom the Palace revival continues with, I'm sure, a sweet win for TP over Stoke. Gus Poyet has got something out of the Makems and they keep picking up points. Its tight at the bottom and looks like it will go all the way to May.

In the leagues, Pick of the week goes to Robert Paton who picked out the Sunderland/Southampton draw @2.25.


Not such a good week this week with just four wins. The best was by Mr Southworth with Spurs away @1.25. At the top Darryn Cook went safe with Celtic @0.29 in second place Andy Ewart followed form club Derby as they bounce back to winning ways after their demolition by Leicester last week beating Brighton @0.91. The other winner was Trevor Gibbons with Middlesboro @0.80.


Pete Cornwell is making this look easy. Joint second highest pick of the week with Millwall at home @1.63 takes him flying ahead. The best of the rest were Dave Horseman Barnsley at home @1.38 Chris Hinch Spurs away @1.25 both good picks. Then there was WART with Forest @0.83 David Lloyd with Celtic @0.29 Mono Guerillo with ultra safe Man City at home @0.14. Very competitive except for top spot he's running away with it.


Craig Lowe went for lucky Leicester city away at Leeds (what a shite soft goal to give away) @1.00. Duncan goes 2nd with QPR @0.62. Jimmy smith keeps it going with Man City @0.14. Delahunt lost this week but stays top.


Just one winner here this week but what a winner! Robert Paton with his pick of the week the Sunderland draw @2.25 that takes him 3rd. The funny thing is Ayako Ono's pick of Marseille at home was postponed but it means they go up into 2nd place by scoring nil!! weird.


Just one winner here too. Zach extends his lead with Peterborough at home @0.62. nothing else to say.


Dickson Pato sits pretty at the top and 2nd in overall league they won this week with QPR @0.62 Owen Williams went 2ndwith a good pick of Newcastle away @1.38. PATRICIA was the other winner with Forest @0.83.

Pineapple Lee

Ben Warman goes top with Spurs away @1.25 Steve Tester went safe with Man City @0.14. looking like a two horse race already

Ali Dia

100% win rate but only two pickers this week. Where are all these new guys who were waiting??? Ben Drury is top with a joint second best Millwall pick @1.63 Matthew Roworth won with Leicester city @1.00

Just a thought for Steph Cook in the pele this week, I noticed when I picked that someone else in the pele league had taken her usual pick of Leicester city so she picked Liverpool and lost out but then come Friday 5pm that early pick of Leicester had gone and been replaced with something else!!!! tactical picking or what!!!

keep the faith



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