Three table toppers in one weekend - Week 2

Ok when is the last time this happened? Three seperate teams go top of the premier league in one game weekend.1st Chelsea then Man City then Arsenal. Call me old fashioned but is this a bit of excitmement creeping into the premiership title race??????

Oh and I thought last weekend was bad as a Leeds fan!!!!!!! WTF!6-0!!!!!! the leagues.

Some decent wins this week a couple of very competitive leagues already and its only week two.

Pele is one of them.

Darryn cook stays top with a nice win Southampton at home @0.73, Andy Ewart saw siesta value with the Barca /Atelitico draw @2.40 Ross Jones managed a nice Rotherham win @0.53 then the other Cook, Steph (who said too many cooks spoil a league!!) she picked well with her usual Leicester @0.91 on the Friday. But we weren't done there. Didier Segovia also won with Blackburn @0.53 and Ian Menzies won with Brentford (who are awesome at the mo) @0.50 and we're not done there also Merv davies who won with Everton @0.36. Seven yes seven winners in the Pele...BOOM.


Five winners here. The best was Pete Cornwell who blew the opposition away with the Adam Johnson inspired Sunderland away win @2.40. He leads the way.

David Lloyd went with Man City's unique offside system @0.67 Nick Lines went with Brentford @0.50 Chris Hinch also won @0.73 and lastly Mono Guerillo won with the Toffees @0.36. Pete is smashing it.


Only two winners in this league. James Delahunt kept up his impressive start with Brentford @0.50 and Jim Mclean one of our friends from north of the border picked a beauty with Annan Away winning 4-1 @1.50. Those two set the pace.


Loads of winners here five to be exact. Malcolm slipped up this week but stays top. Second spot is Bill Imrie who won with Wigan @0.73, Ayako Ono won with Chelski @0.57, then its Sohail virdi who chewed over a toffees win @0.36 Nigel Howlett got called off last week but this week he scored 0.53 with Motherwell. Ian Booth actually had the best pick of the league with Wolves howling away @0.91.


Just two here. Dan Cook made it a good weekend for the cook family with his nahki wells inspired Hudderfield win @0.80 he is 2nd in 3rd is Neil Bourne who won with man City @0.67.


Four wins here and three were crackers. Pick of the week was Dong Zheng (great british name – did you know the name Dong means winter in vietnamese, it is also the name of the currency or a section of a city in south korea, the dong people are an ethnic minority group in china, and of course it is slang term for the penis. Zheng translates as upright, pure, correct) Theres no joke here... I just want to educate you sometimes. My Name Alan Blackley translates as Alan = fair, handsome, or in the urban dictionary it means charming, suave, good with the women(!!) and of course the word Blackley means 'man with a huge cock'.............!

Anyway my mate Dong picked West Ham away @2.50 for pick of the week.

Owen Williams went for Sunderland @2.40 Dickson Pato stays top though with a good pick of QPR away @1.25 (value of the week me thinks). Despite the two big winners Tom Kerr stays second with Man Utd @0.44.

Pineapple Lee

One winner Ben warman with Everton @0.36. Top placed steve Tester didn't even pick so confident was he that he'd stay top.

Ali Dia

Very Dire no wins here at all.

Quick mention for Ianre Ibrahim in the Holdsworth who picked out the Barca draw @2.40. bit of a wait til the next season though friend.

Cheers All



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