Season 31 - Week 1

First week - FA Cup week – always unpredictable.

So FA Cup week then. Rochdale i'm saying nothing else!!

So the leagues then


Darryn Cook was the only winner (postponements aside) he went for Hull away @1.50 and sets the early pace.


Pete cornwell wins this early battle of the brothers with Forests demolition of West Ham's reserves @ 1.38. He leads. David Lloyd went for Chelsea @0.44 Nick lines went Sunderland at home @0.29.


James Delahunt picked a blinder with Southend at home to Millwall they duly obliged @3.00. Nice. Chris Cann went fiorentina @0.29 while Jimmy smith went safe with Barca getting him off the mark @0.06


Malcolm is at it again. Pick of the week in week one with Blackburn/Man City Draw @3.60. Bill Imrie went Valencia @0.50 Ayako Ono went safe with celtic @0.36 and Sohail Virdi brings up the rear of the winners with Sunderland @0.29.


Newbie Zach also went Southend for an imoressive debut score of 3.00. malcolm gibson went for Chelsea @0.44 just those two.


Rob Pato also went for Southend @3.00 Tom Kerr picked Forest @1.38 and Gareth Hedges went non league for Gateshead @0.33

Pineapple Lee

Just one winner Steve Tester who picked Stoke @1.00

Ali Dia

Just one winner here too. Ben Drury who went valencia @0.50.

Back to a normal league fixture list next week. Thank god no poxy Rochdale game then.



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