This is the end - Season 30 - Week 10

Its end of the season time again. The end of the new year and if my resolutions are anything to go by its the end of my picking shite results, the end of my fat belly and the end of staring at the girl at the sandwich shop counter with the big boobs, being arrested twice is enough for anyone surely!!

Anyway lets get straight to business. The winners first...... and then the losers.

Pele League winner. Mervyn Davies (who wins the top league with the lowest total ever.)

Maradona winner : Steph Cook (girl power)
Runner up : Tony Southworth (who he????!!!!)

Dalglish Winner: Darryn Cook (balls of steel not to pick in the last week!)
Runner up: Matthew Gibbons (balls equally steely)

Shearer Winner: Mono Guerillo
Runner Up: Phillip Hocknell

Lineker Winner: Hodgie333 (great run early doors did it)
Runner Up: Malcolm Gibson (good late win seals it)

Gascoigne Winner: Duncan (must have thought he'd won overall league too)
Runner up: Chris Cann

Pineapple Lee Winner: Paul Brickell (all over a long time ago)
Runner up: Al Smith

Ali Dia Winner: Malcolm (fantastic last week win to take overall league title too)
Runner up: Lee Denson
also promoted: Gareth Hedges & Martin young

The overall league Champion:

Now the losers in the top three leagues :

Relegated from the Pele
Tony Griffiths – James Delahunt – Martyn Cornwell – WART

Relegated from Maradona:
Alan Blackley – Daniel cook – Ian Booth – Sohail Virdi

Relegated from Dalglish:
David Rosser – Ben warman – PATRICIA -Tom Kerr

A few notable decisions this last week.

In the Pele Didier Segovia went for the form team Everton @0.73 and stayed up because of their win. Well done. He beat WART by 10p into the safe 6th place.

In the Maradona Steph cook stuck with her Leicester allegiance and they rewarded her with the title. Sohail Virdi was sitting 5th and must have thought they had bargain of the week with Burnley away at 3.00. but they drew and sohail went down because Nick Lines played safe with man City @0.14 and David Lloyd saw value with Celtic away @0.57p. It was enough to keep him up.

In the Dalglish like i said the top two didn't even pick. What a chance for someone to sneek a big pick and steal it luckily for them the pick of the week was far enough down their league not to affect them James Holland had joint best with Bournemouth ipswich draw @2.40. That good pick was enough to keep him up at the expense of Tome Kerr after Jimmy smith played safe.

In the Shearer their was just one winner which i wouldn't normally mention but it was my missus so I said I'd mention her (pays to keep in her good books) she moved third from bottom... yeah brilliant love!!!!

The Lineker, pete dear oh dear. You ick this week not to pick a game and you lose out by 40p cos Malcolm Gibson under you picks Man Utd and that moves him into 2nd just above you. Bad decision.

In the Gazza league Duncan must have thought he'd done enough to win the overall finishing with £6.42. but alas no.

The Overall title goes to Malcolm with joint best pick of the week of £2.40 his pick was Birmingham away at Blackburn winning 3-2. and he takes it.

A couple of mentions to the Holdsworth. A lot of names there hopefully you will all play regularly. Its a great little site and a good game so make sure you participate each week. Two to look out for are Neil Bourne who picked a couple of winners and went for derby @0.95 this week and also Chiendu (good british name as Al Murray would say ) who had joint best with Charlton & Sheff Weds Draw @2.40. So i'm looking forward to seeing you doing well in the leagues from next week.

Cheers Guys

Happy New Year



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