Dear Santa - Week 8

To Santa

The North pole


Alan aged 5 3/4

Dear santa

I wanted to rite and ask for some presents, but not for myself but for my large family. First my Nan & Grandad ..they would like to get the managers job at Spurs cos my nan said the other day she could do a better than that twat Avb with her finger stuck up her arse' at least i fink that what she said. My grandad was in the navy with AVB too....he must have been cos he said AVB was a king anchor.....

My sister Lucy she would like a date with Luis Suarez cos they both always score at the weekend. Suarez got two this sunday but I over heard Lucy say she'd had a threesome this saturday so thats one in your eye Suarez!!......although I did hear Lucy say she'd had some in the eye too......

My big brother Dan he's easy i fink he already knows what i'm gonna ask for......cos I heard him say to his girlfriend Sara that he was taking her up the arsenal this weekend!! so maybe you can give those tickets to someone else.

My mum...... I'd like to get her a Man United candle stick. Its big and red and looks great sitting in the middle of the table!! boom boom.

My dad ...did you know my Dads nan was a footballer many years ago. She must have been really good cos he is always shouting at Torres f**k me you useless c**t my nan could have scored that. For dad I'd like a box of chelsea matches...the matches are ok but theres never any strikers around the box!!

for me ... I'd like to get a fucking winner in this fucking predictor league cos i can't pick a winner for fucking toffee. I mean how the fuck are you meant to pick out a winner when the results are so fucking unpredictable. Stoke beat Chelsea, Sunderland beat Man City, In the championship Sheff weds beat Watford, the other week the whole fucking bottom three beat teams at the top i mean what the fuck is going on santa.

Oh and a bike please.

Yours Alan aged 5 & 3/4

In the leagues


Great week for Ross jones pick of the week with sheff Weds win over Watford @3.50 moves him right up to third and within one good win of the title.Trevor Gibbons had a good pick with the Nottingham Forest & Ipswich draw @2.40 he now lays 2nd 7p ahead of Ross. The only other winner and keeping himself out of the relegation Zone was Mervyn Davies who went safe with Celtic at home @0.22. Two weeks to go and all to play for.


Four wins here. The best was Sohail Virdi with Liverpool's demolition of Spurs @1.88 Steph Cook held up the girl power with the mighty Leeds away @1.20. to go 2nd. Tony southworth (who he??) won with Man City @0.83 to stay top. Dave half horse half man (licenced to shit in the street) won with FC Halifax away @1.05 he moves into third but will need a good win to get into the top two places. Watch this space.


Just two winners this week. Darryn Cook (good week for the cooks) is 2nd with his pick of Liverpool away @1.88. The other was Craig Lowe who went for in form derby @1.25. that win keeps him out of the bottom four.


Wins for the top four here. Mono Guerillo had a bore draw win with Stoke/Hull @2.25. Phillip Hocknell is 2nd but won with Derby away @ 1.25. Robert paton went up't north o' border with Dunfermline away @1.25. and lastly Ayako ono won with a safe Chelsea at home @0.20. closee at the top again.


OMG Hodgie333 lost his 100% record. Southend and Phil Brown let him down. The only winner in this league was Pete Cornwell who spotted Derbys [email protected]


Duncan won well with Motherwell away @1.25 he is out front. Chris Cann went man City @0.83 and sits 2nd. The other winner was robert Kean who also went north of the border for Aberdeen at home @0.57.

Pineapple Lee

No Winners enough said.

Ali Dia

Malcolm who sits top of the overall league lost this week whcih enabled Lee Denson to close the gap in both this league and the overall league where he also sits second. He picked the Leicester City v Burnley draw @2.40. 64p seperates the two and one of these two could win both titles. Come on boys.

One more weekend before Leeds season falls apart over the christmas break as per every other year. So if I really wanted something from santa, and it didn't include Holly Willoughby, it would be for Leeds to win all their games over christmas for once.




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