An apology - Week 6

I am sorry for the lack of analysis over the last few weeks. I know I have let you down and its not good enough.sob sob sniff sniff. I have taken myself in hand........and quite liked it!! be honest thats probably why there wasn't an analysis its hard to type with one hand. (sorry no hands obviously I need both for the job in hand!)

Anyway enough of my xbox habits...what else did you think i meant????

Lets start again. So whats in the footie news:

Bye Bye Martin Jol...bound to happen sooner or later Fulham are struggling. Spurs manage a draw with Man Utd but they have plummeted to 9th after last few results.... to think some were talking of a title challenge earlier in the season. Newcastle are quietly climbing the table up to 6th one point off 4th and champions league place.

And what about the knob chairman at Hull City wanting to rebrand the club with the name Hull Tigers. Lets have a look at some other clubs that could change their name. You'd have the Manchester Moneybags at the Etihad, Newcastle Cockneys or Fulham Nil (an oldie but goodie) Chelsea Oligarchs, Queens Park Wasters, Bolton Yoyos, Leeds Sleeping Giants. Seriously though can't these foreign owners just leave our football as it is. We'll have your money but then you can fuck off. Its confusing enough that the Cardiff Bluebirds now play in red.

So league by league we had 54 pickers this week with 30 winners.

In the Pele nine players picked with the best being James delahunt with his first win of the season he went for Morecambe away @2.00 nett. It gives him a platform to push for safety. At the top both top two lost. Andy Ewart was a winner with Lille away @1.05 he stays third. Didier Segovia won with Newcastle @1.00 Martyn Cornwell moves up two places to fifth and safety with Lorient at home @1.15.Mervyn davies pushed the boat out with Bayern at home @0.07 but he remains safe so maybe there is a method to it.

In Maradona we had a ful house of players. And 7 won just 3 losses.They were all quite small wins the highest being Chris Hinch with 0.91 for west Ham at home.he moves to 2nd. Ian Booth won 0.80 with Preston NE. Steph Cook kept up the girl power with Norwich @0.73. Sohail Virdi won with Evertons demolition of stoke @0.57. Nick Lines scores 0.50 for Leicester the new leaders of the championship. David Lloyd went for Man City @0.29 and Tony southworth played it so safe with Bayern for 0.07 to stay on top. A busy and very competitive league all to play for.

The Dalglish league is the other one with a full house of players. But in an exact opposite of the maradona there were 3 winners and 7 losers. Tom Kerr down the bottom had the best pick with West Ham @0.91. Daz Cook moved to 3rd with Rangers away @0.73 (quite generous) Matthew Gibbons took most advantage moving into the lead with Leicester @0.50. he is the only one with a score above nil.

The Shearer league wheels away with one arm in the air with 50% win rate . 8 pickers The best pick was my boy Chris Blackley who went for Dagenham & Redbridge @ 1.20 but he remains bottom by 5p. Mono Guerillo (obviously an only child....mono get it....) went up to 2nd with Everton @0.57. Nigel Howlett also won with IVC @0.33 he moves into plus figures. Ayako Ono went for a bale inspired Real Madrid @0.11.

The Lineker league is all about quality not quantity. Just three pickers but two of them have results over 1.00. Hodgie333 is way out in front and our last 100% record holder, and he scored again this week with Brentford away @1.00 . Malcolm Gibson moved from 9th place up to 2nd with one pick. He scored 2.20 for the Spurs v Man Utd draw. Well done to him.

The Gascoigne league has always been competitive and this season is no different. Seven pickers produced five winners. Duncan moves into the top spot with Blackpool at home @0.80. Chris Cann moves to 2nd with a win with Lille @1.05. A new mover at third too GEEGEE wins with Newcastle @1.00. Dckson pato lost this week and dropped down to 4th. Owen Williams won 0.29 with Man City and Robert Kean also won With Dundee Uniteds friday win @0.50. Its close all round.

The Pineapple Lee league had just one winner from three pickers. Al Smith scored 0.80 with Preston he goes 2nd. Paul Brickell still leads despite losing this week.

My My Ali Dia.!! this, leagues, is how you do it three pickers three big winners. 100% record. Malcom leads the league and scored this week with Blackburns home win @1.25. lee Denson also scored 1.25 with Tranmeres home win to stay 2nd. Gareth Hedges had nothing to lose having lost every other week so he went for it with little Yoevil bottom of the league away to high flying Watford and they did it 3-0 away @ 5.00 nett. Woohoo that puts Gareth up to a great score of NIL.

So there we go but just before I go I feel I should give a name check to the best pickers of the last few weeks that I missed.

Wk 2 Paul Shakespeare & WART for Everton Spurs draw & Phil Hocknell 2.20 for Villa West Ham Draw

Wk 4 WART - Preston away @2.40

Wk 5 Paul Shakespeare - Crystal Palace away at Hull @3.50.

Some names there making a habit of best picking.


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