Take a bow Ross Jones! - Week 7

Well well whats happening in Manchester at the moment? Both blue & red had a mare at the weekend. Worst start for united for 24 years!! (ho ho you gotta laugh) Poor ole david moyes bet he thought this job would be a doddle. I don't know about you but I think the league table is quite refreshing. Seeing Southampton and Everton so high up and a resurgence of Liverpool. Its all good. For us Championship supporters it makes match of the day so much more enjoyable. Especially when we can watch Man Utd losing most weeks!!

But why did only one of us see what Ross saw. He believed, or did he just stick a pin only he will know for sure. But whatever it was it worked for a great pick of 9.00 nett. His first win of the season well done. The rest of us had a bit of a mare.

League by league


Ross sits out front with his pick of the season so far WBA @9.00. he moves off bottom to second in one pick. Way to go. Andy Ewart won with the ginger Mourinho's Burnley at home @0.83. he is third. James Delahunt won with Watford at home @1.10 Dave Horseman also scored 1.10 with The Arse away. And Trevor Gibbons got 2nd best pick of the league with Ipswich at home @1.38.


Wins for the top four here. Ian Menzies with Burnley @0.83 Martyn Cornwell staying with the Arse @1.10 the Nick Lines who went for QPR @0.67 and in fourth place David Lloyd who picked Preston at home @1.00. Menzies goes top of the overall league too with his £6.59. strong stuff.


Oh dear only two wins here. Mervyn davies goes top with his home pick of Wolves @0.67. James Holland goes second with a decent pick of Ipswich Town @1.38.


Three winners in this league but one of them has the 2nd best pick of the week. That honour goes to Robert Paton who picked well with the Spurs Chelski draw @2.25. Jonathan Dunk goes top with Posh away @ 1.25 Bill Imrie also won with Soton @0.44.

I can't pick a win for toffee and drop to second.#imshiteatthemoment


three picks two wins way to go. Pete Cornwell with Burnley @0.83 was best and Steph Cook showing some girl power with Leicester @0.44. they both close the gap on the Hinch with Steph in 2nd and Pete close behind in third.


two wins here firstly Darryn Cook not to outdone by the missus wins with The Arse (hmmm the same as a certain other picker!!!!)@ 1.10 he is top. GEE GEE is second and won this week with Liverpool away @0.62.

Pineapple Lee

Two wins out of four picks here. Ben Warman goes second with The arse @1.10 popular pick that one. The other winner was Al Smith (great name) who picked PNE @1.00. his first win of the season. Jim Mclean stays top.

Ali Dia

Just one winner here and also the only picker left with a 100% win record. 7/7 for Hodgie333. This week they went for Oxford United away @1.25. Hodgie333 is second in the overall league and a fair way ahead in this league. Can they go 10 out of 10. watch this space.

Ok there you go for this week. The week belongs to Ross Jones, they'll be dancing in the living room of the Jones household tonight!!!!



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