Well what a funny old game it is - Week 6

Did you see Di Canio after the game go over to the fans. Trying to do the internationally known sign language for keep your chin up, Then getting answered by the fan waving his right arm to the exit and mouthing Fuck Off.!! I had to laugh, it was like Marcel Marceau trying to gig at a BNP rally. !!! (to be read in a stupid italian accent) But what is a wrong it was my fault, iknow I am stupido, keep your chins oop I will put it right......or at least Ellis Short will.

Maybe it wasn't keep your chin up but tie a noose here!!

The Manchester derby...oh My God. Where were Man utd's players. I couldn't believe it City players were like they were on fast forward x2 while man Utds players were on rewind x2. They were so slow, I couldn't take it in. City deserved it and as for Man Utd this season everyone said it would be hard to follow Fergie but if Man Utd react to other big games like that Moyes won't even get through this season as manager! Woeful.

Arsenal & Spurs fans must like the table at the moment but can they sustain it.? Don't you just love this game.

Around the leagues a fairly quiet week.


Just three wins here the best was James Delahunt with Swindon at home @1.10 he goes fourth just above him in third is Daniel Cook who won with Wigan at home @0.80. Also winning was Jimmy Smith who went safe with Cheski @0.29. Tony Griffiths is still top.


There were four winners here the best performing league by far. The best was the top pick in open play of David Lloyd who went for Everton and Lukaku away @1.38. Nick Lines won with QPR away @0.73 and Ian Menzies extended at the top with Hibs at home @0.91. The biggest movement was from Sohail virdi who went 2nd with a safe german sausage pick of Bayern @0.50.


Just two winners here both in mid table. Didier Segovia with Birmingham and the debut of four goal hero Lingard @ 1.00. The other was James Holland with paulinho's late late show at cardiff for Spurs @0.80.


Just the one winner in this league robert Paton went for spurs 94th min win @0.80. The rest stay as they are.


Just one winner here too. But a change at the top. Chris Hinch matched best pick in open play with Everton also @1.38. He swaps places with steph cook.


The same old story one winner only. This time a mid table win for Duncan with The arse @0.33. I bet on Ramsey to score first but also doubled it with a 4-1 arsenal win if only that extra goal I could have gone to the Bahamas on that!!

Pineapple Lee

No wins- No more to say

Ali Dia

Only three picks and two winners. Percentage wise even better than maradona.The two winners were Phillip Hocknell with free scoring Watford away @1.00 and Hodgie333 with wolves away @0.83. These two lead the way with Hodgie just keeping the lead but they are miles in front of anyone else.


A mention for one picker in this holding league Malcolm went for the Blackburn Huddersfield draw @ 2.25. The best pick but unfortunately not in open play yet.

Well lets look forward to this week. The capital one cup. Suarez's comeback against none other than Man Utd you couldn't make it up could you.

Keep the faith.



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