Should I stay or should I go? - Week 3

Its that time when your best players suddenly decide that they aren't really happy at your club anymore. Suddenly they have become the best player in the world???? (ballon d'or results last few years anyone?) and they get their head turned by the odd £300k a week. I mean come on.

As we speak Harry Redknapp is leaning out of his car window signing Assou-Ekotto for QPR. Lukaku is at WBA waiting for a loan deal. And John Shacklebotham the fen ditton treacle mines one legged reserves forward is signing forms for Arsenal to fill the huge void due to the failing Demba Ba deal. And that's a fact cos my wife's sister, sharon's friends husbands bosses brother in law saw him buy a kit kat in the Cambridge train station sweet shop before boarding a train bound for London.!!

Now back to reality:


Oh woe is us......we haven't a pot to piss in this week..... a meagre 36p won between you all. A dosser on the steps of London bridge underpass just opposite the pizza express earns more than that in a day. Andy Ewart got the 36p with an AC Milan home win. Tony G, the G meister, remains top. Must try harder this week c minus.


Four whole winners here!! well done. Second best pick of the week from Ian Menzies takes him top. He went for The welsh Barca @1.88. Nick Lines won with a good wolves away win @1.00. Marters won with Cambridge United's demolition of tamworth @ 0.57.

Hometown team!! Good Lad. Sohail Virdi also won with a generous Barca away win @0.50.


Its bloody catching. Just one win in this league too. But at least it beat the pound Didier Segovia got lucky with a Newcastle win over Fulham @ 1.10. it moves Didier into contention.


Oh my well at least its better, two whole winners. Ian Booth went with PNR away @1.75 and Ayako Ono went non league with Forest Green Rovers @0.62. Luckily I stay top even tho I lost with a disappointing Posh performance. Ayako is 2nd and Ian 3rd.


One winner here. OMG. But there were only 4 pickers so that is actually 25% success.

The winner was Chris Hinch with a spanish omlette of Atletico Madrid away @ 1.75 he goes into second.


Oh dear I feel I must report someone to teacher!! yes I know its never been done before but I'm afraid there has been homework copied. Two boys have copied off each other and I am unsure which one has done the copying and which one offered up his pick for copying. But both guilty in my book and teacher will give them both a damn good spanking. Step forward Darryn Cook & from the Maradona Martyn Cornwell.

Tut tut tut I am very disappointed in you. Darryn you are father to fellow picker Daniel who is one of our better students and is in the pele league and was overall league winner last year. What sort of example is this for him. Tut tut tut. And Martyn I'm shocked how could you let this happen.

Yes I know you were both born within spitting distance of the Abbey Stadium Cambridge and I remember that night well when we proved that. I still dribble slightly. And I know you walked past said stadium many times in your youth and spent time you'll never get back watching them try to play football. (Although they were in the old division two for a while back in the day.!!) but it seems such a collosall coincidence that you both pick Cambridge United and both win 0.57!!! I expect explanations in the post!!

TEACHER....TEACHER......Im Telling......

Also in this league GEEGEE went for a proper pick of Partick thistle away who win 2-1 @ 1.75 These two stay top two....for the time being until stewards enquiry is in.

Pineapple Lee

Pick of the week here. Ben Warman went for the Prem new boyos Cardiff who have been in sparkling form lately got a draw against Everton. Ben got rewarded with 2.40 for that one. Kian Low got a good win 1.38 by picking Liverpool to win against Champs man Utd. Jim Mclean also won with impressive Inverness CT home win against Hearts @0.80. Three winners from four pickers. Well done boys. That's how to do it 75% success rate. Jim is top but Ben is snapping at his heels.

Ali Dia

4 picks three wins again. Chris Cann stuck with the arse @1.10. Hodgie333 went safe with Celtic away @0.33 Phillip Hocknell went even safer with Man City to beat Hull @0.17. go steady. Chris goes top by 12p. Close one this.

Thats it I'm off to polish an apple for teacher and see if the Predict Addict website have put in a last minute transfer request for a 6ft 7in 23 stone analysis writer. To be honest i'm anyones for a curlywurly and a copy of Shoot.




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