Back in the groove - Week 2

Aah that's better. Chilled out now.

The season has started, the football drug I love so much has filtered through my veins and is warming my heart. I'm back in the groove.

What happened this weekend then, Spurs got a dubious penalty the ref obviously been told at half time he missed the first one and evened it up. Cardiff, omg, what a win against many peoples favs for the title. Well done the birds......whatever. Liverpool won sturridge doing my dream team the world of good. Hull city getting their first win of the season. Leeds won at Ipswich for the first time since 1659 or something. The ref at Charlton didn't want to get wet bless him. Cov & PNE play out a 4-4 draw and go to minus 3. In the leagues wins were hard to come by.


Just two winners here and an abandoned game. The wins were from Andy ewart with pick of the week the Newcastle west Ham draw @2.4. daniel Cook kept it going with Brighton at home @1.1. WART gets nil for the Charlton debacle. Griffiths stays top despite losing this week.


Two wins here too. The pick was Martyn Cornwell's loyalty to his team The Arse they won 3-1 @1.1 he gets off the mark. Tony Southworth was the other with Blackburns thrashing of barnsley @0.95 he goes top with that win.


The best performing league this one with four winners. The best was Matthew Gibbons with QPR away @1.62. followed by Steve Tester who went up the Arse @1.1. Mervyn davies & Chrissy Blackers (the missus) both won 0.90 with Hertha Berlin & Peterborough respectively. Mervyn extends his lead at the top.


Two wins here too, second best pick of the week by ME with my team Leeds @2.1 and the other was Jonathan Dunk with Hulls first win of the season @1.5. My second win takes me away at the top with 3.00. long may it continue.


Just four pickers in this league and one win and one nil/abandoned. The Nil score was from Pete Cornwell. The winner was Steph Cook with a solid Leicester pick @ 0.72. Steph moves away at the summit with her second Leicester pick and second win.


Darryn Cook made it a clean sweep for the Cook's in this weeks predictor with his win of the Arse @1.1. no other winners. He goes top as GEEGEE stumbled with Man City's surprise loss.

Pineapple Lee

No winners Nuff said.

Ali Dai

Three picks two wins. Good win rate of 67%. Chris Cain was best with Stoke @0.83. piling the pressure on Palace. Hodgie333 (is he a little devil??) ….(half 666....!!) he went for a devilishly cunning Spurs at home win for Soldado's penalty foot. @0.57.

Hodgie333 goes top by 7p.

Well there you have it. A good weekend and some sunshine. Bank Holiday weekend with a beer and Man Utd v Chelsea to look forward to in 3d tonight. Long may it continue.

Cheers Al.


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