Welcome to THE END! - Season 28 - Week 10

Welcome to THE END! Finale, eind, ende, diwedd, slutten, slutet, la fino, el final, fine.

The votes for the Champions league jury.....Tottenham Hotspurs nil point!! Le Arsenal douze point. Yes Spurs lived to regret the nil nil draw with QPR or the home loss to Fulham or the mess of a draw at Wigan all winnable points and they lose out by one point to Arsenal who finish fourth. Spurs are condemned to Thursday night channel 5 Europa league football. Will it be goodbye to Bale?? watch this space.

Man utd have a goal fest with West Brom who go Lukaku mad in the second half. Its Goodbye Carragher, Owen & Scholes, Fergie & Moyes

Bradford & Yeovil win play off finals. Alloa & East Fife win play off in scotland.

In the leagues there are some great escapes and some not so great moments. Daniel Cook played really safe and cemented the Overall league title and a place in the hall of fame. Well done Dan.

League by league.


The Pele league was won by Ross Jones by 42p from Jimmy Smith. Well done Ross. Jimmy was one of only three winners in Pele and he picked Arsenal away @0.62. Andy ewart picked Hibs at home @0.73. But the story of the final day goes to Tony Griffiths. He threw caution to the wind as he was bottom of the league and picked TGS Hoffenheim to upset champions league finalists Borussia Dortmund @5.50. They did beat them 2-1 and Tony went from minus 5.00 up to plus 50p and safety. Also having 2nd best pick of the week. Paul Shakespeare being the unlucky one who dropped in his place. Well done Tony.


As I said Daniel Cook won with Barcelona at home @0.22 and he romped the league with £9.15. The second automatic promotion place was up for grabs and Tom Kerr managed to steal it with a pick of West Ham at home @0.67. Well Done Tom & Dan.

David Lloyd deserves a mention for his win with Bradford away(wembley) @1.38. that means he finishes just outside the relegation places with minus 87p. Mono Guerillo loses out and goes down with minus £1.


Just three winners here by far the best was Dave Horseman he went for a Wigan /Villa draw @ 2.40. that took him from 5th into the 2nd spot and promotion. Well done Dave.

The league was won by WART despite a loss. The other winners were Craig Lowe with Liverpool @ 0.22 & Martin Young with Hibs @0.73 but not enough to save him. The same bottom four from last week go down.


Just one winner here that was league champ Malcolm Gibson he cemented his win with Arsenal away @0.62. Tony Southworth keeps 2nd place and gets promotion. Well done you two.


Much the same here the only winner was the leader Phil Smith with West Ham @ 0.67. He is champ and Ian Menzies takes 2nd spot and promotion.


Same thing here leader Matthew Gibbons wins with his pick of Arsenal @0.62 he wins promotion as champ. Robert Kean held on to 2nd spot despite losing . The only other winner was PATRICIA with her pick of Liverpool @0.22.

Pineapple Lee

Well this is the league for the big pick. Last week we had James Holland getting 8.00 this week we have my missus, Chrissy Blackers, with a whopping 7.00. Best pick of the week. She didn't even flinch when I tried to say Norwich were playing Man City she just said 'so!' and it paid off. She becomes champion with £3.50 James Holland does build on his big win last week with West Ham @0.67 and takes 2nd spot with 2.34. They go up.

Losing out is Jim McLean who drops from top spot to third.

Well that's it folks another season over, and no World Cup or European Championship to look forward to. I suppose it will have to be naked jelly wrestling on ESPN!! Its been an emotional end to the season with Sir Alex retiring and now David Beckham too. My fav Beckham moment ????? come on you've all got one... mine is when Ali G asked him if he took posh up the Arsenal on Comic Relief!! classic. Oh yeah and that free kick against Greece.

Have a good summer.



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