Well where do I start? - Week 9

Sometimes there are weeks that nothing much happens and you think what can I talk about....then there's this week. So much going on its crazy.

Fergie retires – Moyes leaves Everton to go to man Utd – Wigan win the cup in 90th minute for the first time in 81 years – Rooney puts in a transfer request – Mancini looks to be leaving – Lampard breaks Chelsea scoring record – Petersham Pumas win Kingston & district league division 4 without losing a game!! (sorry but i'm chairman)- Ibrahimovic wins league title with 6th different club – Watford copy the exact Brentford Doncaster script to go to Wembley in play off final – Scholes retires for 2nd time – Sturridge gets first prem hatrick.

Blimey what a season finale.!!

In the predictor we move into the final week. Week 9 saw a few people keep faith with the Wigan end of season form routine and they were richly rewarded with a 8.00 score.

They were Steve Tester who probably saved himself with that pick, james Holland who prob gets himself promoted with that pick, Matthew Gibbons who shot to the top with that pick, and the best Daniel Cook who flew to the top of his league and the overall league so prob sees himself into the hall of fame with that pick. Well done to you all.

In Pele

There were four winners. The best was Andy Ewart with Valencia away @1.05. Ross Jones extends at the top with Barca away @0.95 (generous odds?) Trevor Gibbons moves to relative safety with Motherwell at home @ 0.83 and Paul Shakespeare went sauasage side for Bayern @0.22 he is just above the drop zone in what I like to call the Sunderland position. One week to go will it all change?


Five winners here in maradona. Dan cook with his huge one as I said. (you can cut that comment out and show it to all the girls !) Mono Guerillo also had a big one with Palace brighton draw @2.30 it puts him back to a zero total! Sohail Virdi has been consisitent all season and again went safe with Bayern @0.22 and moves into the other promotion place. Tome Kerr is just behind in 3rd and won with Newcastle away @1.25. Nick Lines also won with Spurs away @0.91. Dan looks to have it sewn up but there is a scrap for 2nd. Pick well be brave.


Three wins here and two void games. Both Ben Warman and GEEGEE can feel hard done by (or maybe the Fa cup just passed them by) cos they picked the tuesday night games which were included for some reason????? they both scored nil and stay in relegation zone. Steve Tester with his 8.00 moves into the 'Sunderland' position. WART

picks the Palace Brighton draw @2.30 and extends at the top. Didier Segovia wins with Real Betis at home @ 0.83 and consolidates 2nd place.


Just wins for the top two here. Malcolm Gibson went with Motherwell @0.83 and Tony southworth(?) went for Frank Lampard away @0.91. they stay out in front two. Obly a wigan style pick will make a difference.


Out of four pickers 3 won 75% so thats good. The best was Pete Cornwell with Hibs away @ 2.10. then Chris Hinch with Barca away @0.95 and Ian menzies with Bilbao at home @ 0.91. the leader lost and it makes it quite close between the top four. Another good pick for Cornwell could see him nick it. All to play for in last week.

Gazza league

Matthew Gibbons shot from nowhere to the top with the Wigan big one. Robert Kean won well with Killy away @1.30 to go second. Its fairly close if capital Pat or Dong pick big in last week otherwise it will stay as is.


Just the one winner here James Holland and his big one. He jumps into second place . Thats it.

One week to go steel yourselves. Maybe you could be doncaster or watford and nick a win well into injury time.

Go for it.


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