Championship the new Premiership? - Week 8

Well, what a finish to the championship season. Leicester score in added time to clinch the last play off place. Peterborough go down despite a great mid season comeback. Did you see the Barnsley keeper keep the ball!! classic. Hull end up going up despite missing a penalty to clinch it then conceding one within a few seconds to give away the lead. But who comes to their rescue?? is it a bird is it a plane no its Ross McCormack who dolly drops one over the 'work experience' keeper to send Hull up. (its a yorkshire thing)

The only down side to this whole thing is that having been a Leeds fan for most of my 46 years I didn't have enough belief to pick them to win. Shame on me!!

In the Prem Spurs get a huge Bale out and Arsenal get off to a flyer. Chelski leave it late, but it don't Mata, it looks like its all down to Wednesday 8th for the race for fourth place. My whole family are spurs fans so I hope they do it.

In the leagues this week: stat of the week only one leader of a league won this week. That honour goes to Jim McLean in the Pineapple Lee league. The best pick of the week by far was Ben Drury, also in the Pineapple Lee, who had more faith than me and went for Leeds @7.00. There were 12 successful picks of a nett 2.00 or over. Second best pick was one of 4 correct Draw picks, who else but the drawmeister Mervyn Davies who plumped for Real Mallorca v Levante @ 2.50.


Full house of picks with 6 winners. Mervyn was best and moves out of the relegation zone to 6th. Ross Jones takes over at the top with his Brighton at home @0.91. James Delahunt is third after his 2.00 Villa win. Trevor Gibbons moves from 7th to 4th with a good 'uddersfield/Barnsley draw @2.25. Nigel Howlett moves up one place with Charlton at home @ 0.67. Paul Shakespeare gives himself a huge chance of saftey with Wigan away @2.10. The unfortunate ones here were ewart & Pato who drop into the relegation zone. Lots to play for in the last two weeks. Only 11p in it at the top and £1 covers the bottom 5. Hmmmmm interesting.


Nine pickers here, just four winners. Leader tom drops to 3rd as Martyn Cornwell takes over at the top with a garlic flavoured pick of Marseille at home @0.53. Sohail Virdi goes 2nd with spurs ….sorry Gareth Bale's win @0.44. Daniel Cook gave himself a chance with the best pick here of Derby at home to Millwall @1.25. Nick Lines also won with the arse @0.40. Close at the top but some sfe picks may see the top two up.


Full house here and extremely tight all round. All eyes on this league over the next two weeks any of the top five could win it. Four winners here the best of which was WART with the Birmingham/Blackburn draw @ 2.40. Closely behind him was Dave Horseman with Villa away @2.00. Didier Segovia moves 2nd with Palace's last ditch winner @ 0.91.

Craig Lowe keeps the pressure on with Brighton @0.91. This is really anyone's game its really squeaky bum time.


Eight pickers two winners. They were new leader Malcolm Gibson who picked Chelski away @2.10. and Bill Imrie who went sausage side for Frankfurt at home @ 0.83. This league is a threeway fight between gibson Southworth & Blackley. Ding ding seconds out.


Five pickers in this league but the only one not to win was the leader!! Pete Cornwell was best with Swindon/Brentford draw @2.30. Steph Cook had her crystal ball out with the Leicester win @2.00Ian Menzies won with Charlton @0.67 Chris Hinch won with the Arse @0.40. What this all means is Phil Smith still leads and Ian menzies in 2nd with Chris Hinch coming up in third. Two more big wins for Cornwell & Cook may turn this on its head.


six pickers here, two winners and a abandoned game!! The big winner here was Dong Zheng who won with Wigan 's escape routine continuing @2.10. He moves up to 3rd just 1.43 from the lead. Duncan also won 2.10 with his Chelski pick. Robert Kean went for Kilmarnock at home but unfortunately due to a fan collapsing and needing medical treatment the game was abandoned meaning he will score nil.

Pineapple Lee

Five picks in Lee one huge winner who goes flying to second place. Pick of the week Leeds away @7.00 – Ben Drury. Jim McLean as we said was the only leader to win with Sheffield United @1.10. My missus was quite upset as she also chose the Kilmarnock game plumping for a draw. She didn't get that she would score nil as the score at the time of the abandonment was 1-1.!! women!!!!

There are some close battles across the leagues. The games decline in number so many will have to look abroad for a winner. But due to FIFA 13 etc we all seem to know the european players as well as our own teams. Good luck to you all and may the best pickers win.



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