Season 28 - Week 7

When life farts in your face and you think that things are pretty bad just remember you weren't the one who insisted on going against your managers instructions to try and grab the glory and send your team up in the automatic promotion place from league one only to miss the last minute of added time penalty and allow your opponents to race up field and score to win the league and get promotion in your place. Oh My God Marcello Trotta Just put it in the corner!!!

So whats happened this week. Liverpool realised that Suarez was actually holding them back!! Spurs tried there best to destroy their claims for 4th place. Arsenal's Sagna has a rush of blood to the head and allows Van Persie to score. QPR & Reading go down in a blaze of...? well just go down. Edgar Davids Barnet drop out the league as AFC Wimbledon manage to scramble a win. Peterborough look set to survive and Wolves look set to go down. Great decision by Dean Saunders to leave Donnie (league one champs) and go to wolves championship relegation favourites...great choice. Gareth Bale wins both player and young player awards, I'd have loved to see their faces when Reg D Hunter started his 'N' word set. Word is he starts a 10 game ban tomorrow!

In the leagues we had 51 pickers producing 18 winners.

The pick of the week was from Mono Guerillo (imagine how good they'd be if they were in stereo). They picked WBA to stuff Southampton @3.00. Well done.

League by league - Pele

Ten picks in Pele the best of which was joint 2nd best of week by Ross Jones who went for Watford away at a generous 2.50. That flies him up to 2nd place. The lead is held by little Jimmy Smith who was safe with Chelski @0.33 and holds a decent lead going into the final weeks. The only other winner was Andy Ewart who went frogside with PSG away @ 0.67.


Nine pickers and 6 winners.(wooo) The best was Mono as we said it moves them closer to safety. Next best was Nick Lines who picked Forest away @1.38 (very precise) the top three all won. Waynes brother Tom went for Stoke at home @1.05 Martyn Cornwell (who needs a new alarm clock) went sausgageside for Dortmund @0.70 and Sohail Virdi also went for a bit of wurst with Leverkusen at home @0.44. The other winner was Me with AFC Wimbledon @0.75 but as everyone else bloody won around me i'm still in the shite!!!!!!GRRRRRR


Nine here and 5 winners. Good stuff too. David Rosser pulls away at the top with best pick of Watford @2.50. Chasing him is Didier Segovia whose garlic inspired pick of Nice (lovely biscuits) @0.75 moved him into 2nd. 18P further back is Craig Lowe who also won with Dortmund @0.70. Martin young took advantage of a decent price with Real Madrid away @1.20 and WART did some good moving out of relegation places with a nice draw between Blackburn & Palace @2.25.


Seven pickers at work here, Just two wins though. Top two both lost and that allowed 3rd and 4th place to push up. Jonathan Dunk was best with Stoke @1.05 and Robert Paton picked Everton at home @0.50. They are the chasing pack. Will the top two's earlier wins see them through. Ooh exciting isn't it.


Five in the lineker 2 wins best by a way Chris Hinch with Watford @2.50.That moves him up onto the shoulder of 2nd place. The leader Phil Smith done what he does best and won safe with Everton @0.50 to extend his almost un-catchable lead.

Gazza and Pineapple Lee Leagues together.

Move along please there's nothing to see here. Come on now don't dally nothing going on here.

So three weeks to go to try and either avoid being a QPR or hopefully doing a Doncaster and turning the game on its head to jump up and win.

Good luck my friends and fare ye well.



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