Fangs for the memories - Week 6

OMG. What was Luis suarez thinking? I watched the game and didn't think Ivanovic gave him that much to get angry about.

Just normal push and shove, then he bites him????? I don't get it. Prems top scorer his value soaring and the top dog a Liverpool then he seems to just try and destroy it all?? But with teeth like he has its lucky he didn't decapitate half the Kop!!

So, i'm away this week so this is really quick. I wasn't going to post one but there were two picks which demanded I break off from the golf course and type something about them.

The weekends headlines now. Good week for Spurs, Sunderland, Stoke, Mansfield, Cardiff, Gillingham & Bournemouth

And as its an hour from kick off possibly Man Utd who may well win the prem tonight(they did) A bad week for QPR, Wigan, Reading, Stockport & Rangers.

The two great picks were for the Rangers game. Both GEEGEE & Jim McLean went for a Peterhead win @ a nett 8.00.

Well done to you two. There were a few decent winners picking the Sunderland result @ 2.25 too.

Good luck to you all. I'll get my act together for next week. Enjoy the sunshine if you get any its not going to last long!




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