COULD IT BE TRUE? CAN IT BE. SPRING HAS SPRUNG. Ssshhhh don't say anything or it will hear you. Lovely and warm here today at last!!

So its Wigan v Man City in the FA Cup final. Hmmmm who will be favourites I wonder? But well done to Wigan they realised that the semi finals are decided on goals not on two falls or a knockout like the Millwall fans did. Did you see the guy in the blue shirt, cut on his head he realised he was covered in claret.. and blue and started to beat himself up for wearing West Ham colours!!

Man Utd put Stoke to the sword and how lucky were Arsenal lots of huff and puff, going nowhere 1-0 down then Norwich commit defensive suicide. The Reading keeper had a weekend to remember, well done.

On a personal note I was glad to see Leeds win and put us safely away from the drop zone where under Warnock we were headed.

Good amount of pickers this week, the top three leagues had full house of pickers. Three people shared the top pick of the week Sunderland demolishing Newcastle 3-0 for a score of 3.00. they were Paul Shakespeare, Chris Blackley & David Rosser.

League by league


Out of the ten pickers 6 won. Paul Shakepeare had his first win of the season with the pick of the week @3.00. It doesn't get him off the bottom but he has a good chance to progress now. James Delahunt goes to the top with Cardiff's battling win against Forest @ 1.00. Trevor Gibbons picked well with Hull away @ 1.50, Nigel Howlett got 1.00 with Bournemouth away.Dickson pato kept it going with Lyon at home @0.83 & Jimmy smith goes second with Arsenal's 6 minute win @0.25.


Another good turn out and exactly half won and lost. The best was Tom Kerr with the Southampton/West Ham draw @2.50 ,he goes into third. David lloyd goes top after picking man City to win at wembley @1.50 (value) also with a 1.50 win ME. Woohoo! I picked Hull away for my first win of the season. Phew. Sohail Virdi keeps up the winning streak with Dortmund's crushing win @0.44 & Nick Lines makes up the roster of winners with Evertons home win @0.40.


Ten out of ten again. 6 winners. The best was David Rosser with joint best of week Sunderland @3.00 this is the second week he has won well and moves from 5th to top spot with £3.25. Very competitive league this one. Dave Horseman (you should see how good his roses are!) picked well with Annan away @1.38 he is 2nd with £2.77. Didier Segovia is third with £1.93 and a Nice French win @0.83. Martin young won with Man Utd @0.53 and Craig Lowe won with Bolton keeping their good run going @ 1.25. all to play for.


Six picks here. And the leader of the overall league. Step forward Tony Southworth now going good and steady with the Arse @0.25. He sits top but should beware. Chris Blackley picked best of week with Sunderland @3.00 and is just 70p behind Tony. Another two winners here both with 1.25 they were Jonathon dunk with Bolton. Robert Paton keeping the faith with Leeds at home. Top three is fairly close so more to come here.


Of the five picks here just one winner. That was Phil Smith who takes top with Man utd @ 0.57. Ian Menzies is 2nd and the rest as you were.


Seven pickers here but 7 picks for 7 losers unfortunately. But you have to feel for Robert Kean. He picked Falkirk to win the Scottish cup semi final he must have thought it was in the bag when they romped to a 3-0 lead. But at the final whistle of extra time they had lost 4-3. Now that's unlucky. Small consolation he stays top.

Pineapple Lee

Just the one winner here. Well done Kian Lowe who scored with Man City in the FA cup semi. He goes to the top and is the only one in positive figures.

There you go lots to play for the top league has the bottom teams only on minus 1.00. so it could easily change, nice and tight ,as the actress said to the bishop. A pound covers the top five players in the overall league. So at halfway there is lots to play for, study that form guide and good picking.


(PS  Martyn it looks like its gonna piss down wednesday so we may have to call golf off. We'll see what forecast is like on Tuesday.)


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