Lots of winners - Week 4

Busy this week so will just get to it.

Lots of winners. Out of 45 picks over half won!!

Best pick of the week was Malcom Gibson with the Liverpool west ham draw @4.00
close 2nd best pick was Tony Griffiths with Villa's away win at stoke @3.00


8 picks here 5 winners.

Tony Griffiths was best as I said, then James Delahunt with Spurs Everton draw @2.50. Ross Jones & Trevor Gibbo both got 1.10 with Sheff Weds & Bristol Rovers respectively. The other winner was Nigel Howlett with Lille on the other side of the channel @ 0.67. Ross Jones goes top with Delahunt in 2nd. The previous top two both didn't pick!


Also 8 picks here, but 4 wins. Daniel Cook has cisse to thank for his 1.00. Martyn cornwell had arsenal @ 0.91. Virdi went with 'Champion' Gills @0.73. and Nick Lines went sausage side for Dortmund @0.30. Top three stays as it is with Martyn Cornwell leading the way.


9 pickers in this league, way to go. 5 wins. Paul Brickell gets top pick with Spurs draw @2.50. Closely followed by David Rosser with another draw at Watford @2.25. Martin Young won with Bradford @1.10. Didier Segovia with Cisse @ 1.00. and Craig Lowe with The Gills @ 0.73.

Horseman stays top but Segovia moves into 2nd place.


8 pickers & another 5 winners. Malcolm Gibson moves into 2nd with pick of the week. Tony Southworth stays top with a safe Chelsea win @ 0.33. Ian booth scored with Preston North End @1.00. Jon Dunk went for the gills @ 0.73. and Bill Imrie picked Bournemouth @0.53.


5 picks and 3 wins in lineker. Ian Menzies with Bristol Rovers @ 1.10. Chris Hutch with Cisse @1.00. Phil Smith with the arse @0.91. top two stay the same.


4 picks 50% win rate. PATRICIA went for Sheff weds @1.10 and moves into second place 43p behind the leader. Darryn Cook also wins with the arse @0.91. Rob Kean stay top.

Pineapple Lee

3 picks 3 losses. Everything as was.

Good week guys.

Cheers al.


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