Weather Alert: A huge cloud of whoopass is hovering over Britain just topiss us all off even more!!!!! - Week 2

OMG what is the weather doing? Its nearly April! We put the clocks forward next week! I'm beginning to think that 21st Dec 2012 wasn't the end of the world but just the beginning of the end!!! hmmmmm food for thought.

But as the much maligned Max Bygraves said 'when its spring again i'll sing again about snowballs from kazakstan' I know the country is full of eastern europeans but we dont have to ship over their weather as well.

It decimated the football fixture list. Luckily it was International week and didn't really matter that much, although 11 of you did have you pick voided. Lets have a look.


A full house of picks 2 were called off and just 3 winners from the remainder. Mervyn Davies stays top as he was snow affected. Jimmy smith goes 2nd with a winner for US of A @0.44.

But best pick of the Pele was Andy Ewart with Brechin city to beat Ayr Utd @0.70 he is third. Ross Jones also had a sunday roast with Tranmere to win @ 0.95


9 Pickers here one snow affected and one winner! The winner was Sohail Virdi who picked Hercule Poriot's Belgium to win @ 0.67. Sohail is third. Nick Lines was snowed off. The rest all lost and top spot stays with Martyn Cornwell despite a loss this week.


All action here. NO REPEAT NO LOSERS. Doesn't mean they all won tho. 8 pickers three whited out but 5 winners. Not bad at all. The best was Ben Warman who has joint pick of the week with Wales's battling win over Scotland, all the more impressive because in form Gareth Bale was subbed at half time with wales losing. Ben gets 3.5 but only goes 2nd. Thats because WART also won picking Greenock Morton @ 0.40. WART stays 15p ahead. The other winners were Craig Lowe with Donnie's away win @1.20. Dave Horseman Belgium @0.67. Steve Tester Bournemouth @0.44. A league to keep an eye on (thats the kiss of death then, 10 losers next week!!)


7 pickers here and two large winners. Tony Southworth picked Wales @3.5 joint pick of the week he goes top. Ayako Ono also did well with Ukraine away at Poland @2.25.Ono goes 3rd Chris Blackley staying 2nd despite a loss. Keep it up guys.


Five picks here, 2 wins 1 snowed off 2 losing. Best win was Ian Menzies with Donnie away @1.20 he extends at the top. Phil smith also won withBournemouth @0.44. Pete Cornwell fell foul of the white stuff.


5 picks. 0 snowed off 3 wins quite a big one too, that goes to Owen Williams who saw a welcome in the hillside with his joint best pick of the week, Wales to win away @3.5 he flies to the top of the pile. Robert Kean goes 2nd with his Partick Thistle win @0.62. PATRICIA had some sunday afternoon delight with Tranmere's win @0.95

Pineapple Lee

A distinct feeling of deja vu 5 picks two winners but 2 snowed off here. Chrissy Blackers, the missus, went with Wales @3.5 she goes to the top a way ahead of James Holland is 2nd with minus 33 after his success with Belgium @ 0.67.Low & Drury were building snowmen in the centre circle.

So that's it for this week, the weather man said clear today but he doesn't know we were playing away but its snowing, snowing in my heart...............Roll On Summer!!!!! or have we had it..that nice day the other week. Bugger missed it!



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