Well what a game yesterday, the power in north London may have swung away from the emirates for the first time for a while. And I bet on Bale to score first & 2-1. Get in.

In the leagues it is the last chance to make a game changing pick. And some of us need it!!!

Pele league

Dickson Pato went early this week with an evening trip sausage side and landed a beauty. Borussia Monchengladbach winning @ 2.40. Pato storms to the top with one week left.

Two other winners in pele were Jimmy Smith with Chelski @0.40. and a canny pick from Nigel Howlett, a man on the brink of relegation places. Does he chase the big pick to make sure of safety? Does he play the percentages with a medium sized pick to get clear? No he goes Man Utd. A certainty @0.29 and hopes that all the others fail, and we do!! well played Howlett I doff my hat to you. Cool as a cucumber.


Three winners here also and the 'Howlett' phenomenon (as we now call it) in play here too. At the top Paul Shakespeare just crossing the t's in his promotion with Spurs @1.20 taking him well clear. Sohail Virdi claimed 2nd with Chelski @0.40 and it was David Lloyd who put the 'Howlett phenomenon' into action with a Man Utd pick @0.29 to stay clear of the relegation zone going into the last week.


Oh My. Just one winner. A mid table win for Didier segovia who went for Leeds @1.00 as we were elsewhere.


A nice win here for Ricky Jones with Palace away @1.75. he closes the gap on Mervyn Davies in the overall league. Will he go for it in the last week. He is certain to be promoted so he has nothing to lose of he does. 2nd place Bill Imrie also won with Brighton at home @0.62. He looks bolted on for 2nd place at the end of the season.


No Winners top two well clear. Say no more.


WART picks a beauty a big pussie zitty weeping pick of the week with Peterborough away @3.00. and with that he slides up to the top of the league with a week to go. Well played.

Winners also for Robert Keen Chelski @0.40 & Owen Williams Man utd @0.29.

Pineapple Lee

Just Steve Tester winning this week with Spurs at home @1.20. It moves him to within 13p of the top spot.

Malcolm Gibson also went for Spurs in the holdsworth and is chomping at the bit to get involved proper.

Well gonna watch man City now cheers all. Big picks for next week please.



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