Welsh Barca come good at Wembley - Week 8

Well well we knew they could play and in the Capital One Cup final they weren't really up against it were they but nonetheless they had to go and win it. Nathan Dyer's dolly has never been thrown so far from its pram!! De Guzman could have let him couldn't he?? He looked like Chris Rock in Grown Ups don't you think. But the best thing about the Swansea win was the scoreline. Why? I hear you cry. Cos it was 33/1 and I put my money on it that's why. Get in!!!!

In the Prem it was business as usual all round really, only Everton slipped up when they were maybe expected to win. Lets have a look at the leagues.

Pele only two winners and a postponed game here this week. With many trying to chase a big score to stave off relegation it left it open to the smart movers and shakers.

James Delahunt went top with a good pick of Burton Albion at home @1.30 he leads by 15p. The other winner was Trev Gibbons who took a while to get going this season but is scoring consistently now but he still has some work to do to get out of the relegation zone. This week he weighed in with Watford @0.67. Nigel Howlett was postponed and it keeps him just above the drop zone.

Maradona. A few more winners here. Six to be exact. The best was David Lloyd who had pick of the week, his first win this season, with AFC Wimbledon away at the daggers @3.00. He has given himself a chance to stay up. The remaining wins were for the top 5. Paul shakespeare is top of the pile he went for WBA @1.00. Andy Ewart went for Frazier Campbell inspired Cardiff @ 1.25. Sohail Virdi won with Watford @0.67 Nick Lines went safe with Man Utd @0.50. Martyn Cornwell was the last winner with Fulham at home @1.10. A good performance for the league and promotion is still up for grabs.

Kenny Dalglish league saw a full house of pickers but just 3 winners. The best was the joint 2nd best pick of the week and yet another draw success for runaway leader Mervyn Davies, his 6th of the season. This time it was Carlisle/MK Dons @2.30. It puts him in a commanding position at the top of both this league and the overall league with just two weeks to go. The other winners were Matty Gibbo who scored with Cardiff @1.25 and Didier Segovia who went vive le geordie with Newcastle @1.00. Looks done and dusted barring a miracle pick.

In the Shearer league we had 7 pickers and 2 wins. Bill Imrie held 2nd with his pick of Fulham @1.10. and some bloke called Tony Southworth won with Newcastle @1.00. Ricky at the top lost this week but stays well out in the lead. Bill is 2nd and barring a disaster for him should take the 2nd automatic place.

Just 3 pickers in the Lineker league but 2 winners. 67% win rate!! The winners were the top two but despite both winning the swapped places. Mono Guerillo won with Fulham @1.10 and went 17p ahead of Pete Cornwell who won with Arsenal at home @0.33.

These two are well ahead of the chasing bunch.

Gascoigne league has a 50% win rate. The winners were the top three, the best being joint 2nd best pick by WART who went with a Doncaster/Yeovil draw @2.30 he is 3rd but in with a big shout of 2nd if he is careful over the last two weeks. The leader David Rosser won with Watford at home @0.67. Darryn Cook in 2nd also won with Newcastle @1.00. A lot to play for here still.

Pineapple Lee league had 5 pickers and 4 winners. Come on that's great, some really good performances from the leagues this week. The winners were the top four (again) The leader is Martin young who had best pick with Nottingham Forest away @1.80. 2nd place Steve Tester won with Fulham @1.10. In third Kian Low went for Man Utd @0.50

and last but not least Jim McLean who's scottish pick of Inverness Cally Thistle away at Hearts @1.75 halved his negative balance and gives him an outside shout at promotion. Inverness winning 3-2 in a great game.

More names in the Holdsworth who will hopefully join as very active members at the end of this season. 56 pickers this week I think is the most we've had for a while. Come on spread the word.

Following on from my 5-0 winning bet I am hoping for Gareth Bale to score first and spurs to win 3-1. I've taken 60/1 on that. Come on Gaz you score all the goals for spurs at the moment anyway.




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