What is it with these huge winning picks this season? - Week 6

Hats off to Tony Griffiths who becomes the 2nd picker this season to come away with 10.00 points. His outside pick of Hamburg to win away at Dortmund more than paid off as they won

4-1 to bring him the big bucks. But.......unlike the last 10.00 point winner this season, Pete Cornwell, Tony doesn't fly to the top of his league....no......his huge win only takes him into 2nd...How can this be I hear you cry...sounds like a case for Poirot. More of this later.........!

Let me sum up the week first...Man Utd won the title, City proved they were just a flash in the pan. Villa WON...yes that's right they WON....i know you couldn't make it up!! Becchio made his debut for Norwich....and was shite...ha ha ha ha.(another Beckford situation methinks.) Gareth Bale won for Spurs. Oh Yeah an fuck me backwards over a gym horse at midnight. ENGLAND BEAT BRAZIL.... i'll just repeat that cos I like typing it. ENGLAND BEAT BRAZIL. Ok brazil weren't as good as in the past but come on we looked quite good...and we won.... we've got to make the most of these wins cos they don't happen that often. Wilshere looked the part. Hart had his best game of the week, and that Chelsea pensioner Lampard scored for England again. The only ares'ole was I didn't do my usual bet of Lamps to score I went for Cahill instead...and he had a header tipped onto the bar!!!!!

Hey ho.

To the game..league by league.


The last 100% record fell this week when Ross Jones went down. There were only 2 winners and one postponed. The best of the winners was Trevor Gibbons who got his first winner with Blackburn at home @ 0.91. Jimmy Smith went for Champions elect Man Utd @0.62. The bad weather did for Nigel Howlett's pick of Brechin. The top three places stay the same with Ross leading the way.


Oh dear Oh dear....only one winner here. That was Martyn Cornwell with the Arse away at Sunderland @0.80. He moves up a few places. The rest stay the same.


OMG this is where is all happens this week. As I said at the start tony Griffiths weighs in with Hamburg away @10.00. He goes 2nd on £6.80. But Mervyn Davies got back on the draw run with a 2-2 draw between the Owls and the Rams @ 2.30 he stays top on £10.60. Not only those two great picks but the Half horse half man comes up with a Barnsley away win 3-2 against Boro @ 3.20. second best pick of this week but a shoe in for best pick most other weeks. He moves up to 5th. There were two other winners as well. Paul Brickell with Stoke @0.80 and Didier Segovia with the Welsh Barca @ 0.83. What a busy week.


6 pickers here and 4 winners. So a busy week here too. (even Mr Southworth got a win) the best was Jonathan Dunk with Aston Villa (bet that was a surprise) @1.50. followed closely by Ian Booth with Colchester @ 1.40. Bill Imrie won with Juve @0.62 and Tony with the arse @0.80. Ricky Jones stays top despite losing out this week and the wins mean the lower places get closer together in a push for promotion.


Three pickers this week – no winners – nuff said


Couple of good successes here this week. The most noteworthy is from Rob Kean who's scottish knowledge saw him pick out the Aberdeen/ St Mirren Draw @ 2.40. Darryn Cook went with champs elect @ 0.62. All this means.....Dave Rosser stays top but Rob closes the gap in 2nd and Darryn is back in 3rd. All up for grabs here with 4 weeks to go.

Pineapple Lee

Just 4 pickers this week. 75% success rate though. The best win was Kian Low with Swansea @0.83 then Steve Tester with man Utd @0.62 and Martin young with Bayern Munich @0.25. Martin stays top but Steve closes up in 2nd with Kian in a close thrid again the two promotion spots are up for grabs.

One noteable pick in the Holdsworth was from Ben Drury who went for Villa @1.50.

Lots still to play for many leagues not done by a long chalk ...the fat lady hasn't even cleared her throat yet. And of course who will be the next 10.00 point winner....it could be you.



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