Cup 07 Results

Quarter Final Results

Steve Reeve (+) v Paul Shakespeare
Jimmy Smith v Tim Lines (+)
Nick Lines (+) v Nik Simms
Joel Wrigley (+) v Matt Bailey

Draw for the semi-finals:

Paul Shakespeare (+) v Matt Bailey
Jimmy Smith v Nick Lines (+)

There were plenty of upsets in the quarterfinals and almost a massive shock as Nick Lines goes through by the skin of his teeth. Only a last minute change of pick by Nik Simms, who should have stayed with the mighty Blackburn, kept him in the competition. The semi-finals have drawn him against the inform Jimmy Smith, whos dominating the Lineker league post season, can he regain some form? The other semi sees the two lower league players who are both on top form come head to head with Shakey having a slight advantage, but can Matt Bailey keep his winning run going?



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