Q. Was it just me or did anyone else get a bit confused by the kits in the Spurs v West Brom match? Surely if your playing a side that wears vertical bark blue and white stripes, wearing your usual kit of white shirts would be ok. But no ….lets wear grey and white vertical halves a few shades from the colour of the opponents vertical stripes!!??

But Spurs fans thank god for Gareth Bale eh!! AVB was 'spitting' mad when Defoe went over on his ankle. Popov?- F*** Off!!

What is it with Chelsea just lately? Firstly they say Lampard is on his way out at the end of season and then he can't stop scoring, secondly they can't hold on to anything!!, scoring two but not being able to win out. ????????

The french connection at Newcastle looks like it may just pay off. Vive la Newcy Brown. & I just went top of my mini league in telegraph footie comp.... get in.

Anyways to business.

Halfway through the season and things are just starting to take shape.

In the Pele league the top 4 all won. Ross Jones at the top had the best pick with Colchester's 3-2 win away at Portsmouth @ 1.25. Dickson Pato in 2nd had next best with Espanyol's home win @ 1.00. The other winners were Daniel Cook -Palace's comeback win @0.83 James Delahunt also a 1.00 winner with Southend's home win. & Jimmy Smith's Jordan Rhodes inpired Blackburn win @ 0.70. A mention for Nigel Howlett who had his game postponed!!

Maradona league had a full house of pickers but alas only two were successful. Andy Ewart went garlic way with Bordeaux @0.73. He goes into 2ndspot. The other winner was Sohail Virdi who picked Port Vale at home for 0.50. Shakespeare stays top by a way.

In Dalglish league there was an unusual occurrence Mervyn Davies lost!! there i've said it!! OMG his run of draws came to an end. There were however three winners in the league. The best of which was Matthew Gibbons with Bale's win at West Brom @1.10. Didier Segovia won with Palace @0.83 and Ben Warman who picked Bayern Munich @0.50. Davies stays top of overall league and top here by a mile.

The Shearer League had just 2 winners but one of them was the pick of the week. That honour goes to Ricky Jones who picked Coventry's away win @ 2.75. he is top here and goes 2nd in overall league with 6.85. Bill Imrie also won with Atletico Madrid at home with 0.44 he stays 2nd.

Lineker league had 4 pickers this week but boasts a 50% win rate. Mono Guerillo saw that Leeds would have a FA Cup hangover and picked Cardiff @1.50 he's third with zero! Phil Smith went for Palace @0.83 he stays 2nd. Pete Cornwell couldn't repeat his Luton town pick this week but stays top on the back of it. Maybe playing safe in future will see him through.

AAAAAh Paul Gascoigne...oh my oh my.. the press not great this weekend lets hope its not PG RIP sooner than it should be. In the league just one win. Dong Zheng (what do you call yours?) he chose Eintracht Frankfurt away @ 2.00 2nd best pick of the week. The top stays as it was.

In the Pineapple Lee league there were just two winners. Martin Young picked Italian giants Watford @ 0.91 while Kian Low went sausage side with Bayern Munich @ 0.40. Martin stays top but Kian moves into a close third. Look out Mr Tester.

So that's halfway gentlemen..... and ladies (ok luv!! I know) and there is still a long way to go. Things can change but there are a few with big leads and it will take some big picking to catch them. Maybe you are playing to avoid relegation or to try and nick 2nd place but whatever or wherever you are trying to get to my advice is simple....don't pick Leeds or Chelsea!!!!



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