Southampton..seriously what is going on? - Week 3

Well, Nigel Adkins' sacked! what had he done so wrong? Don't see it myself.

Dempsey scores in last minute to deny 6 pickers a result. And the ref in that did he not see the Rooney penalty? Not the worst ref I saw this weekend that was in the Atletico Madrid game. Free kick given defender doesn't retreat 10 yds only about 5. Ref blows for it to be taken and the defender moves to within 2 yards and the free kick obviously hits him the ref doesn't blow and plays on.!! Basic stuff Ref, come on.

We are snowed under in Cambridgeshire this weekend but it only had a bit of impact on the picks as only 4 were called off and get a nil score. But well done all, the most pickers we've had for ages.

League by league.


A full house of pickers producing just 3 wins. The best being Ross Jones..'I saw the light on the night that I passed by her window.'..sorry..... thats Tom Jones. Anyway's Ross moves into first place in the league with a Cardiff away win isn't it. He score 1.60 for that. Theres lovely. GEEGEE also cantered to a win with Motherwell's home win @ 1.05. Nigel Howlett was the other winner also going thistle side with Queen of the South @0.29. Dickson Pato remains 2nd despite drawing a blank.


A full house here too spawned 3 winners also, although it also had 3 of the 4 postponed games. So only 4 losers this week. The best winner was the leader Paul 'the Bard' Shakespeare.... you can just see it on the back of his pro darts shirt can't you. A quill instead of a dart flight and below 'the Bard' appearing to be written by the quill dart. I don't even know if you play darts Paul but if you do and want an image for the back of your shirt.....anyway he picked the Sheff Weds/ Wolves draw @ 2.25 to stay top with 4.00. Andy Ewart and Chris Blackley were the other winners with Leicester and Leeds respectively @0.73 & 0.67 that moves them both out of relegation zone. Nick Lines moves up to second even though his game was called off, that takes some doing.


A full house here too, a hat trick of full houses. 4 winners and one postponed. The best winner was PATRICIA who had pick of the week with Blackburns loss to Charlton @2.75. Mervyn Davies is killing us all, this week he picked the Sheff Weds/Wolves draw his third successive draw win. @2.25 that puts him top of the overall league with £6.90 in week 3!! watch him go.

Ben warman took 2nd place with Donnies home win @0.91. Paul brickell had the Welsh Barca's destruction of Stoke @ 1.10.


We lose our 100% record but 6 regular pickers this week with a 50% Win percentage. The best being Ian Booth with the welsh Barca @ 1.10. Bill Imrie also won with Watford @0.73. If Watford would have let HUDDERSFIELD have one goal I would have won £126.55 but no they are so greedy 4-0 why not 4-1 what difference would it have made....but i'm not bitter. Waynes brother Tom Kerr went garlic with PSG away at a cheeky little red (Bordeaux) @ 0.95. Ricky Jones stays top despite losing this week.


Just 4 pickers one winner. That was Phil Smith who cooked up a result with Liverpool's home win against Delia's Norwich @0.33 he stays top. Joe mcginley stays 2nd.


7 pickers here but only 2 winners. Darryn Cook goes 2nd with the Liverpool win @0.33 But Duncan picked a doozie. Sunderland to win is enough …..but to win away! @2.25. He's moved into a four way fight for top spot with just 15p covering the first 4 places. Told you this league would be one to watch. David Rosser stays top even though he drew a blank.

Pineapple Lee

5 pickers and 3 winners. Good stuff. Martin young had best win with Cardiff away @1.6 .Steve Tester consolidated top with a win for Man City @0.22. The other winner was Kian Low with the Liverpool result @0.33

A notable pick in the Holdsworth for Chuba with the Notts County/sheff utd draw @2.30.

So lets hope we keep up the numbers playing. Remember to spread the word we want to get more and more playing.

Got to go my snowman is about to come to life and take me on a flying trip to see father christmas.......The doctor says I keep confusing real life with pretend …...but he was a bit busy battling the Daleks when he said that.!!!!

Time for my tablets.



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