Do you know who I feel sorry for? Newcastle, that’s who. Any other time you score 3 at old Trafford you get a point. Next game you score three at the emirates you expect to get a point. What is going on. Did you see Alan Pardew immediately after Newcastle scored their 3rd. He shouted to his defence and said ‘no more goals’. Brilliant motivation. They lose 7-3. I had to laugh.

Well quite fitting that our mini season ends at the end of the year. Congratulations to Trevor Gibbons he wins the Pele and the Overall league with £6.01.

Dickson Pato came 2nd in Pele. The rest of the league stayed as it was with bottom four going down.

Nigel Howletts game was postponed this week but he still had enough to win Maradona with £3.53.

Craig Lowe coming second. Just one change in relegation places Jonathan Dunk swaps places with my boy Chris Blackley who manages to stay up with his correct Spurs pick. Sorry Jonathan but you going down.

Daniel Cook wins the Dalglish league and takes 2nd in overall league. GEEGEE takes 2nd in Dalglish both having good wins this week.

Ian Menzies is the winner of the Shearer with £3.11 Steph Cook makes it a double celebration for the Cookhouse taking 2nd with a total of 3p.

Only two serious pickers in the Lineker league all season so no surprise that Paul Shakespeare and David Lloyd finish first and 2nd respectively even though there was £9.18 between them. They both go up.

Top of the Gascoigne league has been hotly contested this season with PATRICIA taking it despite losing this week with £78p. Paul Brickell finished 2nd and takes the other promotion place.

Tony Griffiths finished without a pick but still took the title in Pineapple Lee with £2.00. My missus, Chrissy blackers, hung on to 2nd place despite a terrible Peterborough pick this week.

A good few names in the Holdsworth hopefully to take the place of some of the non pickers in the leagues. New guys make sure you pick each week, it’s a great little game and highly under subscribed hopefully you will all set the leagues alight from next week. You Tom Kerr would have won the overall league title you finished with £7.10. Unfortunately the Holdsworth doesn’t qualify but from next week i think you are one to lookout for. And just a quick mention for Mono Guerillo who had pick of the week this week with the Welsh Barca’s win away at Fulham @2.25

Keep up the good work. Hopefully some of the people who stopped picking last season will rejoin for the new year. Make it your resolution to join weekend predictor and pick to win.

By the way my friend works at Sky making HD boxes I asked him what his new year’s resolution is gonna be he said 1080p.!!



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