Ho Ho Ho. As santa brings goals galore for your fav teams  and you settle down for a huge Christmas dinner and the odd gallon of mulled wine spare a thought for those less fortunate than yourselves.....

The Aston Villa back four!!!!!

Leeds got well and truly done, even though I jumped up in the middle of a very quiet restaurant bar and shouted ‘FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSS’ at the top of my voice when they scored. We looked half decent first half.. but hey ho we keep winning in the league.

So This festive season just a short run down of leaders and top pickers for the week.

Well done to both Darryn Cook & Ian Menzies who both went with real Madrid to lose to Mallaga @ 4.00. NICE.

Next best was Hull away @ 1.6 or sheff Utd away @ 1.60 picked by Jonathan Dunk & Joe McGinley respectively.

The Overall league is still headed by Trevor Gibbons although he slipped up this week. However if the Holdsworth were taken into consideration Tom Kerr would be pissing all over our cornflakes. 8.10 so far. Bet you all can’t wait to see which league  he gets placed into next season!!

Leaders by league

Pele - Trevor Gibbons - 5.01

Maradona - Nigel Howlett - 3.53

Dalglish - Daniel Cook - 3.91

Shearer - Ian Menzies - 2.38

Lineker - Paul Shakespeare - 1.30

Gascoigne - PATRICIA - 1.78

Pineapple Lee - Tony Griffiths - 3.00

Holdsworth - Tom Kerr - 8.10

Keep the faith the games come thick and fast over Christmas, and if you are feeling down at all just think of Fergie’s RVP could be dead quote and that should make you smile.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year



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