How far is it from Japan to Elland road? - Week 8

OMG Villa….ooh get you! 3-1 at Anfield.

Don’t cry for me David Luiz . The truth is you just weren't good enough!.

Bring on Leeds on Wednesday. Can Leeds fan dream of Wembley this season? We’ll see.

What about that Fellaini headbutt?  Shawcross head wasn’t hurt but the hair whipped him in the eyes.!

In the leagues 16 winners from 42 picks. Just over a third. Good stuff.


Only 8 pickers, this week but 5 winners.  The best was Ross Jones with his sheff weds away win @1.9. Dickson Pato went to spain for a little Bilbao win @1.75. Martyn Cornwell picked the canaries win @1.10. Trevor Gibbons regains top spot with a home win for Chelsea’s next victors. @1.00 Nick Lines also was victorious with Spurs win @0.62. Well done to all.


9 pickers.2 winners. Nigel Howlett went for Queens Parks draw with Elgin @2.6. Craig Lowe went for man City @0.62.They take top two places. Lots for the chasing pack to do.


Well well well. What can I say. Not just pick of the week but pick of the season so far. GEEGEE went for Villa away and it comes in at 8.00. Not quite enough to take him top that accolade goes to Daniel cook with his QPR win. Yes I said QPR win!! @1.50. Al smith also won with Derby away @ 1.6

WART was also victorious Blackpool winning at rovers @1.10


6 pickers 3 winners 50% record. Tony Southworth with a brave man utd pick!! @0.2. Ayako Ono with a even braver Barca pick @0.29. And Bill Imrie who went for Crewe @ 1.00. Steph Cook stays top despite losing this week and is the only one in positive figures.


5 pickers 0% success rate.  Stays the same enough said.

Pineapple Lee

Kian Low was the only winner here with Man City away @0.62 top two stay the same Low moves closer in third.

Also mention for Tom Kerr, regards to his brother Wayne! Tom has just joined and picks villa away at 8.00. Blimey bet he wishes he was in the leagues proper he would be leading the overall with that one.

As it is the Overall League is being led by Trevor Gibbons with Delahunt and Griffiths in 2nd & 3rd.

God rest ye gerry mental men. Enjoy your Christmas parties and we’ll convene again next week, Al


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