What a Ding Dong Do!! - Week 7

Wow, another really busy weekend. It was amazing….. stupendous…it was so good even Torres scored..twice!!  Two penalties at Arsenal…really ref that first one? Wonder what he thought watching match of the day!! And lets big up Leeds reject 11 otherwise known as Norwich the prems 2nd form team On the ball city!!

It’s so so tight at the top of the overall league. There is only 5p between the top 3.


I had the top pick here with Man Utd’s derby win @ 2.1.  If they’d lost I could have said One in the eye for Rio Ferdinand. What was with the Rupert trousers on x factor Rio?? That takes me third. Trevor Gibbons won again with The battle of the boros  winner Middlesboro @ 0.91.But he was overtaken by James Delahunt who went for Stevenage’s win @1.20 who now goes top. Jimmy smith also won with a surprising tractor boys win @1.63 and Dickson Pato with Bilbao’s home win @ 0.83.


Andy Ewart had joint pick of the week with a draw between Swindon & Doncaster @2.4. he goes third. Nigel Howlett stays 2nd with a 7p Rangers win. The only other winner was Craig Lowe with Fridays Cardiff away win @1.80.


The top two both lost. Al Smith was called off so stays the same. Ben Warman picked Toffees last minute win over Spurs  @ 1.1. Didier Segovia picked the Leeds loss to Derby @1.2.


Top performing league this week. 4 winners out of 6.  Ayako Ono goes 2nd with the Man Utd win @2.1. Steph Cook goes top (you go girl) she went for Liverpool’s no striker approach at the hammers. @1.5. Tony Southworth won this week with Chelski win @0.80. Bill Imrie went Spanish for a Malaga win @0.50


Just two pickers here but with different outcomes. The loser was David Lloyd but on the other hand Paul Shakespeare waxed lyrical with the joint top pick this time QPR(draw specialists) v Wigan @ 2.40.


Just one winner here.  A capital selection by PATRICIA  Cardiff away @1.80. That puts her 2.45 clear at the top.

Pineapple Lee

The big news here is that my missus lost. And as you know I won. Kian Low was the best with Liverpool @1.50. But Tony Griffiths stretches further away at the top and moves onto 5.00 with Hamburg’s sausage side win @ 1.00. He is 3rd in overall league behind the top two of the pele.

Mono Guerillo had another good week in Holdsworth with Villa Stoke draw @2.25. bet they can’t wait for this season to end!!!!!

Nineteen winners this week out of 46. Idliketoapolgiseforsomeofthetypingherebutmyspacebarhasbroken.




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