The welsh Barca strike again - Week 6

The welsh Barca strike again!!! Arsene out Arsene out!!! Only kidding I don’t really care that much.

I’m still giddy from Leeds getting 3 wins in a week!!!!  And Rafa’s doing well then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really getting Torres motivated....way to go Roman!! Great time to be playing Chelski bring on Dec 19th and the Poundland  league cup (it’s only a matter of time!!) or whatever it’s called.

Aston Villa fan prince William I see has got Kate least someone connected with Villa is good in the box!! (you can have that one for free!!)


5 winners out of 9. Good stuff. Best was James Delahunt with Spurs away at Fulham @1.4 put him hot on the hills of the leader Trev Gibbo who won again with Sheffield Utd win @0.57. also winning were

Dickson Pato who goes third with Italian Udinese win @0.95. Jimmy Smith also tasted pasta success with Juve @0.36. Nick Lines went for the cheeky back heel goal to win for MK Dons @0.36 (did he mean that...I doubt it) Trev stays too and also tops the overall league just..more of that later.


3 out of 8 here. Andy Ewart the best with a French win for Marseille mangetout mangetout. @1.20. Sohail Virdi also won with Cardiff @0.62. Nigel Howlett  played safe with Rangers against Elgin @0.11.

Bob Paton stays top despite slipping up this week.


3 from 8 here too. Daniel Cook have a blinder with Spanish Real Betis (as opposed to fake Betis..their shite)beating Deportivo @2.1 normally enough to get pick of the week but didn’t even make top three this week!!! Dan moves up to 2nd. Mervyn davies stays top with a conservative pick of man Utd away @0.40 although it has to be said they did it the hard way!!!! Owen Williams also picked Spurs away for a 1.2 haul.


3 from 5 here. The best being Ian Menzies with a Torquay win @1.00 enough to take him top as Steph cook didn’t win. Bill Imrie won with st Mirren @0.25 & Ayako Ono also won with Man Utd away.


2 regular pickers 2 losses. Enough said.


5 pickers 2 big big winners.  Hats off to Paul Brickell who had the balls to go for it. He picked the welsh Barca to slap the Arse and they did 2-0. He got 5.00 for that which was his first win of the season and puts him on  plus 1.00 and 1st place in the league, it was pick of the week. PATRICIA, all capitals!! Also had a great week picking out the Burnley v Blackburn draw @ 2.25. The first goal scored by Burnley at home to Blackburn since 1978!!

Pineapple Lee

75% win rate here this week. The only one to lose was my missus!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Griffiths propelled himself into top spot with a fine west Ham home win @3.00 puts him on 4.00 and just 10p behind trevor gibbo in overall league.wins also for Kian Low Liverpool at home @0.40 and James Holland with Raith @0.14. My wife stays 2nd even though .........SHE LOST .............

Nice win in Holdsworth for Mono Guerillo blackpool at posh @1.3. keep your powder dry fella till you get in the league proper. Don’t use up all your luck just yet.

There you go then. Bit late this week as went to see Michael Mcintyre at Wembley arena. Very funny if he is your kind of thing then his showtime dvd is a must see. Macka Acka Cacka and the dentist routine had me crying with laughter. Comedy genius.

Thank you my names Alan Blackley goodnight!


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