Season 26 - Week 5

Oh Dear. This will be brief. Only 7 winners across the whole predictor!!

But first..I am so glad I didn’t go into football management when I left school. You turn a team around from squabbling schoolboys into a team that wins the champions league, with a two leg win against Barca along the way. Your reward????  the old tin tack. Bloody hell.!!! The vodka must have been flowing to fuel that one, and then who do they get in …..surely a world beater, a man who will sweep all aside, a man with a brilliant record and who will be loved by your players and supporters alike…That’s right …………..Rafa Benitez………………. OMG. Wtf!!

And Harry almost goes to the Ukraine, but a last minute sacking sends him to QPR… I think at the end of this season he will be longing for the cold winds of the Carpathian Mountains. Me thinks he may have bitten off a bit more than he can chew here. We will see. Even if he brings Becks to help!

So… it’s easier to name the winners this week to be honest.

Pele –

Jimmy Smith Swansea draw @2.4 (pick of the week)

Alan Blackley WBA away @1.88 (2nd best pick)


Andy Ewart Leicester away @ 1.00

Nigel Howlett Dunfermline home win @ 0.30


Didier Segovia Stoke at home @1.10


Steph Cook Leicester away @1.00


Mono Guerillo (not a twin then…or he’d be stereo!) man Utd @0.17

Just a short word for Pete Cornwell for 64 minutes he was looking at posting the equal best score ever. QPR were winning at old Trafford (even Harry smiled) then it all went to form, the rest is history.

Must do better.



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