Season 26 - Week 4

What a week. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (a good old Swedish name, as Al Murray may say) and a wonder strike. By that I mean he thought I wonder what will happen if I try this!! It went in so everyone says goal of the season. But did he really think he was going to shoot or did he just throw himself at it? Only he will know.

 But as a great Swedish group once said ‘The Winner Takes It All’ and England really met their ‘Waterloo’!! Ryan Shawcross asked Roy Hodgson to ‘Take a Chance on me’ he did but straight away the defence sent out an ‘S.O.S’. I mean to say, ‘Mamma Mia!’ we were all over the place after the subs but that’s ‘The Name of the Game’. We are left thinking are the players just in it for ‘money money money?’ or are they really ‘super troupers’ and looking to take England on  win a trophy.

Please can someone tell Leeds Utd football is an eleven a side game!!!! thats two games running.


Police in the north London area are investigating unusual betting patterns. It seems a black guy in his late twenties about 6 ft 3inches tall with a Will Smith fresh prince of bel air haircut and African accent placed lots of bets. It seems he had trebles on First Goalscorer, First red Card , and Arsenal to win. !!!!

The Canaries fans were all on the social networks tweeting good things last night. (do you see what I did there??) They had lots to sing about (I’m on fire)  as they knocked Man Utd off their perch (omg). The 1-0 win sent them flying up the table (at this rate I’ll be working at the Sun next week). Man Utd fans were sick as a parrot (!**!) as Man City overtook then at the top of the Prem.  

The welsh Barca are at it again. Their first win at St James’s for 22 years &as for the Baggies….well what can I say…outside bet for Europe!!?? They swept aside Chelski 2-1 and looked good. Reading get their first win of the season and QPR drop further into the mire, only a matter of time for Hughes me thinks.

As for predictor it was a busy weekend, 46 pickers 19 winners.


Here 9 picked and 6 won so a good two thirds success. Martyn Cornwell had best pick of the week with the West Brom win @ 2.75 that moved him from 9th to 5th onward and upward.Dickson Pato had 2nd best pick in the Pele going sausage side for a Hamburg home win @1.38. also winners were Dave Horseman(he’s half horse half man!!) with [email protected] 0.95. James Delahunt’s Fleetwood Town win @ 0.80. Ross Jones with Palace @0.91 & lastly Trevor Gibbons ayr Utd win @0.57. That keeps Trev top and also takes him top of the overall league. Good going fellas. maybe next week I can join the list of winners!!


Also had 9 pickers but sadly only two won. Robert Paton had second best pick of the week with the Bristol city Blackpool draw @2.4. That means he is top of this league by a long way and 2nd overall.

The other winner was Sohail Virdi with the Palace win @ 0.91. Sohail goes third.


A full house of pickers but only 4 winners. Top pick and joint best pick of the week was WART he also went for WBA @2.75 but that only took him up to second. Mervyn Davies stays top with a Greenock Morton away win @ 0.57. The other winners were Daniel Cook who went for Leicesters demolistion of Ipswich @0.57 and Didier Segovia who had a tip off from Emmanuel and went for the Arse @ 1.00.


Six pickers here and a 50% success rate. The league tabe stays roughly as it was the 3 winners still on minus figures but a move in the right direction. Steph cook joined her son dan in winners row.(I wonder if dad Darryn will join them as a winner this week????) Steph went for Hull away @ 1.80 her first win this season. Ayako Ono also pick the Arse @1.00 and Tony Southworth went for Palace @0.91.


Just two regular pickers here And this week they changed places. Paul Shakepeare (will’s lesser known time travelling brother) won with a thumping Liverpool win @0.40. He goes top. David Lloyd thought man Utd would win but they didn’t!! he falls to second.


Half the league picked this week but alas only one person won. That one was Robert Kean with a haggis fuelled draw between Dundee Utd & Kilmarnock @ 2.4 (joint 2nd best pick of the week)  That takes him to the top of the league £3.18 ahead of 2nd place.  Now did Darryn Cook win? Well obviously no is the answer but how did he lose this week? He went speculatively for Aston Villa to overcome Man City which would have got him 5.00. Now what was the score? Oh yes I remember 5-0 to City. Theres wrong and there’s very wrong!!!

Pineapple Lee

Four pickers here 2 winners. Last week I had an earful from my missus as she won and I didn’t well she only went and did it again this week. Great!!! She went seaside for Brighton to beat ‘uddersfield @ 1.63.

That puts her top of the league now with 3.31 and fifth in overall league. Great!!!! Kian Low was the other winner who went for Liverpool @0.40. they move from bottom of the league to 4th with that result.

There you go football really is a funny old game. Man Utd lose to the Leeds utd veteran side sorry I mean Norwich, Chelsea lose to WBA sunderland score 3 goals –IN THE SAME GAME!!!!!! Adebayor stated there was no rift between him and AVB which was probably true for the first 17 minutes of the game. But to leave you I give you the shock news of the week Theo Walcottt has grown a proper big mans moustache. He had a footballers moustache for a while …you know…11 a side.  



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