Computer trouble and some!! - Week 3

I have a trojan horse in my computer!! First I knew of it was a great big wooden lump of shit next to my processor.!! But every cloud has a silver lining cos I scooped it up and put it on my wooden roses!!

Seriously though computer in trouble so have had to borrow to get this on so quite brief. Just to lighten the mood somewhat before we start. A joke. Ikea have bought out a new range of Lesbian beds….theres no nuts or screwing involved in putting it together its all tongue and groove. I thank you. Or ,Police in Stratford have found a man who has been shot in the face with a starting pistol…..they are saying it is definitely race related!!


Full house of pickers well done, 4 winners. Trevor Gibbons stays top with a good palace away win @ net 1.3. james Delahunt is 2nd still with Eric at home @ 1.15 (figures are always net of starting £1) Nick Lines had Felliani at home @ 0.50. Best pick of league was Dickson Pato’s Spanish adventure athletic Bilbao home win @1.38.


Full house here as well. Also four winners. Top two messed up, Craig Lowe went 2nd with the Hernandez  inspired come back for Man Utd @0.50. Nigel Howlett consolidated 3rd with a safe rangers home win @0.14. Sohail Virdi went with Palace @1.30 but best of league was Jonathan Dunk who went for Ipswich who are walking in a mccarthy wonderland @1.40.


Not quite full house here 9 pickers. Also 4 winners. The best here and 3rd best of the week was ben warman with Tranmere away @ 1.60. Mervyn davies went top with his Bradford away win @ 1.38. The other winners were Didier Segovia’s Friday night Boro win @0.80 and little Danny Cook’s welsh wonders Cardiff @1.00.


50% of pickers here.Two winners. Ian Menzies went top with a Scottish Killie win @1.38. Tony Southworth (who’s he) went for Stoke to beat QPR @0.83 and starts his push towards positive figures.!!


Two pickers One winner. David Lloyd went with the tractor boys to plough through the Burnley defence @1.40 and goes top by 22p.Close


Quite a well fought league this as always. The big winner and pick of the week was PATRICIA who knew Chelsea and The Pool would draw @2.40. well done They move from 2ndbottom to top after this inspired pick. David Rosser had the 2nd best pick of the week in this league too. He stuck by WBA who brushed past Wigan to continue to be the surprise package  in the Prem. He scored 2.00 to sit proudly in 2nd on NIL. Robet Kean also had a decent win with the Kimarnock home win @1.38 he goes third.

Lee Pineapple

Here there were 4 pickers and a 50% success rate. Tony Griffiths who led the overall league last week is obviously a boob man he went for BREST in ligue 1 at a colossal 10. They lost badly  but he stays top with 3.00. My other half Chrissy Blackers won this week (and don’t I know it) She went for Holloway’s Palace @1.30 and sits a healthy 2nd. James Holland also won with Everton @0.50 he sits third.

There you go people. Hopefully I will get my computer sorted and be easier for next week. Have a good week. See ya.



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