Fa cup week. A few shocks but no fireworks!! - Week 2

A fairly quiet week this week. Leeds Draw again, QPR draw again. Man Utd win again…..Tottenham lose though so something unusual.  New managers do well Though. Mccarthy at Ipswich, Freedman at Bolton, Ollie at Palace all winners.

45 pickers this week only 15 winners. An actual third. 6 of us went for Newcastle to beat a poor Liverpool side and nearly pulled it off. Bloody Suarez!!


Trevor gibbons goes top with an inform Middlesboro win at Charlton @ net 1.75. James Delahunt goes 2nd with second best pick of the week QPR to draw. @ net 2.50 .Ross Jones & Nick Lines also were winners. Martyn C sat still after the weather postponed Gloucester city’s game.


9 pickers this week. 2 winners and one postponed by weather. Robert Paton goes top with a win for Brentford @ net0.57. Nigel Howlett goes 2nd with a win for Man Utd @ net 0.62. Craig Lowe suffered from rain and stands still this week.


Full house of pickers this week. Well done. 4 winners. The best was WART with the Ollie inspired win for Palace @ net 1.60. he moves from bottom to 3rd. Al Smith extended his lead at the top with Sheffield Utd away win at Bristol rovers @ net 0.91. Owen Williams went for man Utd and Daniel Cook also won with Huddersfield beating Bristol city 1-0 @ 0.91. (stopped my both to score bet this week that one).


6 pickers down here. 50% win rate though. Tim Lines made Pick of the week. A Mick McCarthy inspired Ipswich away win.  (were the players scared???) it scored a net 3.00. well done Tim goes top. Bill Imrie stays 2nd with a win for Bournemouth @ net 0.57. Ian Menzies goes from bottom to 3rd also with a win for Hibs over St Mirren @ net 1.00.


Only two pickers both were unsuccessful. So as it was last week.


5 pickers here but no winners also. So Darryn stays top with a minus total!!

Pineapple Lee

4 pickers but again no winners. Woohoo do you see a pattern here.

Tony Griffiths stays top and top of overall league just.


If this was a school report it would say. ‘Weekend predictor’ is a fairly good student, if he applied himself he could do a lot better. However there is a sizeable amount of absenteeism amongst pickers which needs to be addressed or it will be reported to the truant officer. We feel he has the potential to give a larger percentage of winners each week but he needs to stop talking during lessons and not sit next to Stephen Tapper because he is a bad influence. Try harder at picking and take your time to decide before submitting his picks and he will surely see himself in the top 75% range of the class. This week we thought he would try hard to impress as it is report week, but he let himself down and he let his pickers down being the worst week’s results he’s had for a long time. Instead he chose to go behind the bike sheds with Jackie Morris and Caroline Crocksford and play gynecologist and patient. He was also seen on the gym roof trying to get his tennis balls back by the caretaker and was also spotted bunking off during RE with Andy Keady going into the Snowcat to buy 20 embassy number one.  

Overall- Could do better. C-



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