Season 25 End Report

Matthew Gibbons Wins Pele. Owen Williams wins Overall League.

Well well I suppose he deserved it. Matthew Gibbons had led the Pele league for five weeks in the early part of the season but fallen away recently. But he does a Man City and snatches victory from the jaws of defeat and from the hands of James Delahunt. He weighs in with the top pick of the week Norwich to win at home to Arsenal. @nett 5.00.

Delahunt had gone for in form Port vale who duly won @nett 0.70 good but not good enough he takes 2nd place.

Some good picks at the bottom of the Pele too making relegation a real issue. Both Nick lines & Robert Paton had great wins with draws at Derby & Sunderland. They earned nett 2.25 & 2.20 respectively.

The big winner being Lines who climbed out of the relegation zone at the expense oF Virdi who fell in. Paton finished in 7th just 14p short of safety.

The Overall league was wrapped up in fine style with a smart pick by Owen Williams of Man Utd @net 0.29p. Owen finished with 8.86. Matthew Gibbons finishing 2nd here. Well done Owen.

In the other leagues


Ross Jones clinched the title with Jimmy Smith joining him going up. A note for David Lloyd who got his first pick of the season and what a pick it was Boro away at Brighton @nett 3.00.


No winners here at all this week. That must be some kind of record in itself. So it was as it was with Martyn Cornwell the winner (and 3rd in overall league) with 4.96  and Dave Horseman finishing 2nd on 3p. At the very bottom the only regular picker to finish with minus 10.00. no winning picks at all. well done to my wife chrissy Blackers. ha ha


Bill Imrie got a great pick of a Cowdenbeath draw @ nett 2.4 but it didn’t move him in the table. Nigel Howlett won it with 3.99. JonathanDunk 2nd with minus 85p.

Lineker league

Yes it has a winner. As per last week Pete Cornwell weighed in with another winner Man Utd at home. To win the league with a colossal minus £7.70. as for 2nd place I look at pick back. And the person who made the most picks although all unsuccessful was Ricky Jones. He picked 5 times where as the nearest other person picked 4 times. All unsuccessfully.

The Gascoigne league

Daniel Cook won with Mervyn Davies 2nd. Both were successful this week and consolidated their positions.

Pineapple lee

Well, Owen Williams walked this by 13.19. WART came in 2nd . they were the two regular pickers and deserve it. Owen won the overall league and a place in the hall of fame.

The Holdsworth was won by Ian Menzies with 3.30. That would have won him promotion in any of the other leagues so we can’t wait to welcome the holdsworth into the leagues proper next season.

Thats your lot this week.

Heres to next time.



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