Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friend and relations, my lords ladies and members of the Botswanan royal family it has finally happened. We can put a man on the moon, we can split the atom, we can watch four Bond films in a row on sky channel 303, but for this season, until this weekend we couldn’t get a winner in the Lineker league.

But we have a champion, we have a peoples laureate, a colossus, a man amongst men, our very own gladiator. Who I hear you cry? Who could have risen from the abyss and clutched glory from the jaws of defeat. I tell you who !! PETER CORNWELL. That’s who. He woke up from an enforced loss of password and logged on through facebook to take the huge step that places him top of the Lineker league. And what I hear you ask was his risky strategy that paid off. A 1P WIN FOR ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!against San Marino. Way to go risk taker.

WAS IT WORTH WAITING FOR ???????????????????????????

My household is unbearable at the moment because my boy has top pick this week and I look to have ballsed it up once again. Top Pick is Chris Blackley with a Wycombe away win @net 4.00. er.....er....... ok. Well done............... That’s it that’s all you’re getting.

So Pele league.

Delahunt pulls out 3rd best pick of Morecambe away @net 2.75 to go way out in front on 3.81. Sean Locke gets 2nd best pick with the England helpful Ukraine draw @ net 3.50. Virdi also wins 62p but stays 6th.

Maradona league

Chris someone or other gets top pick @4.00 No picks from top two so Jimmy smith takes full advantage to jump into a close 2nd. Lowe was only other winner with Italy win.

Dalglish league

Martyn Cornwell continues to march on but he had a few bitten finger nails as Tranmere came back from 2-0 down to win [email protected] net 0.62 gives him 5.96 at the top. Dave Horseman goes 2nd with a fine Cheltenham away [email protected] net 1.20. Tester hangs in there with the Harry Redknapp influenced Bournemouth home win.

Shearer league

5 pickers 3 winners. Step forward Nigel Howlett (1p England) Bill Imrie (Crawley 3-2 win @ 0.67) Steph Cook (Croatia away [email protected] 0.80) Howlett stays top with 4.99 Dunk stays 2nd but Steph moves up to 3rd. Come on the Cook.

Lineker league

Pete Cornwell – England – 1p – say no more.

Gascoigne league

Daniel cook stays top with Germany’s thrashing the Irish. @0.44. Paul Brickell gets his first win of the season with the Gareth Bale win over Scotland. @ net 1.60 Merv davies stays 2nd despite losing.

Jason 'Pineapple' lee League

With Martyn Cornwell wishing for Owen Williams (you don’t get a much more welsh name than that?? Owen are you JPR Williams little brother?). Anyway MC was wishing for Owen to fail so he could take over at the top of overall league but Owen ‘the welsh wizard’ Williams knew  Gareth Bale was due to fall over....sorry I mean get fouled badly(!!!!!!) & convert the penalty and then win the game single handedly. So Owen picked Wales @nett 1.60 and now sits on £8.57 looking down on us all from the top of not just the Lee league but also the overall league. Owen gwneud yn dda.

WART stays 2nd with Crawley home win and looks set for promotion.

Nothing happened in the Holdsworth this week. Sorry guys.

One week to go in this season so listen up. For last year’s overall winner Sean Locke to win again he needs a pick of approx net 13.50 (Mr Locke by the way moved from 2nd bottom in overall league to very mid table,30 odd places, in one week.) For the previous seasons overall winner  & my other half  Chrissy Blackers to win she needs a bloody miracle !! and a nett 18.00 . Jonathan Dunk a previous top league winner needs at least 8.50 along with a williams loss.

So Owen you just need a win really. Mart you need about 2.75 more than anything Owen picks. Good Luck gentlemen. Or as they say in Wales. DYNION POB LWC.



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