Only 38 total picks this week. What happened?  

I don’t know about you but the descent into autumn and eventually winter depresses the tits off me. I’m suddenly cold and irritable, moody and sad. The wife says she hasn’t noticed but I know it’s there. The only good thing about the winter is Football.

Oh by the way, I read a great pub trick the other day, bet your fellow drinkers that they can’t speak for a minute without using the letter A. Bet them a pint, they’ll fail, then say for another pint you bet you can do it. I’ll give you the time it takes to read this to work it out…answers at the bottom.

Now then, now then, how’s about that then guys and gals….how many times has uncle jimmy told you not to bring your homework to bed!! 

Who’d have thought it.eh.  Lets just go back to 1981 for a minute……………

Dear Jim’ll fix it

Please can you fix it for me to meet a nice 14 year old girl. My name is Alan I’m 14 and I live fairly near London. I’m not very good with girls and would like you to fix it for me to meet a good looking 14 yr old girl for fun and who knows…….maybe even a trip to the top of the pops studio.


Gary Glitters 1973 number 2 hit should have been a clue.. Title?: Do you wanna touch me? I mean you don’t have to be Poirot do you. The sign were all there.

Now Freddie Starr too maybe the suns famous headline was misheard. When the little girl said Freddie Starr ate my foofoo .. the Sun reporter thought it was the name of her hamster!!!! (you can have that one for free)……………………… thank you I’m here all week.

Anyway to more important matters. 16 successful pickers this week nearly a 43% hit rate

As I said only 38 pickers this week.  But two from the Gazza league. Wonders never cease. Pete Cornwell came out of hibernation as did Ricky Jones. Unfortunately they both failed.

Top pick of the week Mervyn davies with Liverpool v stoke 0-0 draw. @nett 3.33

2nd best PATRICIA in Holdsworth with Wolves away win at Blackburn @ nett 2.75

3rd best Martyn Cornwell’s amazing Crystal Palace win @ nett 1.37

And only other win over nett 1.00 Tim Lines proper value pick of Cardiff to beat Ipswich away @ nett 1.3

League run down now pop pickers.


I go top – get in. A win for the mighty Leeds takes me top with 2.83 Dickson Pato moves to 2nd with 2.06

Matty Gibbons dropping to third after failing to pick!! Sohail Virdi was the only other winning picker in Pele.


 Only half the league put picks in this week. 2 winners Jimmy Smith & Ross Jones.  Meeeee & Mr Jones Mr Jones, Mr Jones…… we got a thing going on……that thing being we both pick Leeds!! What did you think it was. We were never confused. Ross leads the way Jimmy moves to third this week. Still quite close though.


My old mate Martyn Cornwell is setting the Dalglish league on fire with 5 wins on the trot. He has 5.34 and is 2nd in overall league.  With 9 of the ten in this league picking it is the best supported league this week. You can all have five minutes extra playtime. Gold star smiley face. Al Smith & Dave Horseman also won keeping the fight going for 2nd place. Al is currently holding on but it is close.


4 of the usual 5 picked.3 of those 4 won. Ayako Ono went Spanish with Bilbao win Bill Imrie went with Leeds, god bless ya. And Tim Lines went down sheep valley for Cardiff. That means Nigel Howlett remains top despite losing Dunk didn’t pick but stays 2nd  but ONO has closed in a close third.

Lineker – covered it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Just one winner thats all someone needs. Man city at home…anything Rangers away… oh maybe not……!!!!!


4 of the usual 6 here too. Daniel Cook won with the gunners putting away the Hammers @ net0.90 that takes him clear at the top with2.45. Merv Davies brilliant snore draw prediction moves him to 2nd place with minus 34p. D Rosser is in a close third with minus 1.05. still all to play for.

Pineapple Lee

All those in the Lineker league should take note of Owen Williams. He leads the overall league with stealth and surety. He went for Chelsea @ net 0.25. Small but beautiful as it brings his score up to 6.97. Unless something momentous happens in the next two weeks he should be guaranteed promotion at least. WART is the other regular picker here and he remains 2nd even though he slipped up. If he plays it safe he too should get the 2nd promotion spot.


3 pickers 2 winners. Bet you lot can’t wait for this season to end so you can join proper. You’re all doing well. Ian Menzies leads with 2.05 after yet another winner. And the capital lady PATRICIA picked a beauty with wolves beating Blackburn to go 2nd.

That sums it up for this week. Two weeks to go. In this mini season. Can I at last win the Pele league having been so close in the past. It all remains to be seen.

Oh yeah and the drinking bet. Ask them to talk for a minute without using the letter A. when they say it can’t be done bet another pint and set the clock…and start counting slowly to one hundred. No A’s until one hundred And one.   SIMPLES.



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