Well the tension was spectacular. Will they? won’t they? Should they? Could they? Would you?
So basically a line up handshake was interrupted by some bad tempered football at Loftus Road on Saturday. Way to go media.
So how did we fare this week. 19 out of 45 correct picks. Slightly under last weeks 50%.
Top pick from Al Smith with a great Scottish prediction East Stirling @nett 3.50.
Jonathan Dunk coming 2nd with the Stoke / City Peter Crouch slam dunk draw.

League by league. Pele

5 correct pickers. M Gibbons kept it going with Bradford at home @nett0.61 Dickson Pato consolidated 2nd place with the wolves win at Leicester @ nett 1.50. T Gibbons & Delahunt are the only others in plus figures.


Only 3 correct pickers this week. Phil Smith went for safety and it paid off keeping him in the lead with 3.25. Ross jones goes 2nd with his Rotherham win . Paul Shakespeare was the only other correct picker.

Kenny Dalglish

Five correct pickers here this week. Al Smith with the top pick to put him in contention. Martyn Cornwell goes top with his pick of the villains beating the welsh [email protected] 1.40.

Darryn Cook picked the draw at Norwich @nett2.40. Segovia & tester were the other pickers.

Alan Shearer

Only four picks here this week and 2 correct. Jon Dunk with his Stoke draw goes top with 4.15.

Nigel Howlett picked dumfermline away and stays 2nd.


No correct picks here or all season. A 1p pick here may win it.


5 pickers 2 correct. Mervyn Davies picked the Bradford win. Thomas Rydeheard picked the 8 goal thriller in which Blackburn [email protected] 2.60. He takes top spot on minus 10p.

Jason Lee

Not many playing regularly here. But Owen Williams leads the way with 10p. He chose Spurs win over Reading today.

Overall league

Matt Gibbons still out front but Jonathan Dunk narrowed that lead by quite a lot this weekend.

Happy picking guys. Good Luck. May the mongoose of wealth and happiness crawl up your trouser leg and infest your underpants.


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