While the powers that be debate whether the Olympics was worth the money or not. (What is 9 billion pounds between friends?)  There is a more burning question at the heart of the predicting community.

Do you really go for a 1p pick. Is it worth it. The positive side say that yes it is because it is £1.01 better than a loss. Better to keep correct runs going and hope others fail. The other side say what is the point!. You waste a part of your life you never get back. I mean you have to log on then look through the games weigh up what offers good value, then disregard all those, then look for a definite win. Then the sleepless nights deciding whether you’re right or not!!. What if the Faroe Islands get a lucky goal and hold on for a draw!!!! But then you decide yes I’m going for it I’m going to push the boat out and go for a one penny win.

Well isn’t it lucky that our great names from the past didn’t just go for a small return. Imagine it:
Moses comes down from the mount Sinai with the 6.5 commandments, well........ god just couldn’t be arsed could he!!!!
Walt Disney making his classic, Snow White and the dwarf. !!!!!
Roger Bannister running the two hour mile.!!!

So the question remains is it really worth going for a 1p pick. I’m not too sure which side I fall on????

Anyway to this weeks picks.

Phil Smith has not just pick of the week but pick of the season so far. The Leyton O’s beating Paulo’s Swindon. Cracking pick @6.00

There was a 50% correct picking percentage this week which I suppose was helped with the 3 of you who picked Germany at 1p. Nick Lines – Steve Tester – Kian Low.

Back in the real world

Ben Warman – Chris Blackley- Owen Williams all scored over 2.00- well done

The overall league still has Matty Gibbons out in front with another good winning pick this week @1.25.

But Phil Smith has pushed his way in at 2nd place with his big pick.

That’s it this week. Remember all the members of the 1p club....... It’s all done in the best possible taste!!



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