Double My Fee - Week 3

Having resisted the lure of a big money deal from 'La Liga predictore' I decided to stay here with you guys!! I don't need a nation of Spanish fans laughing at my weekly picks. I've got you lot for that.

Well how did the first games after deadline day go for you? Are you now an RVP addict....Knock Knock..who's there? Rooney.....Rooney who? That's football. Did QPR really buy a whole new team? And a phrase i thought i'd never utter after his spat with Neil Warnock, 'El Hadj Diouf scores for Leeds'!! (come on spat get it.El Hadj Diouf!!...OMG comedy gold!!) Hang on just take my tablets.......

Ok Twelve correct pickers this week and i'm going to name you all.

Dickson Pato picked Athletic Bilbao @ 2.00,
James Delahunt went with Crawley's win at Orient @ 1.66
Matthew Gibbons went very safe with Man City's win over 11 strangers in QPR shirts @1.20
Nick Lines has RVP to thank for his win @1.53
Trevor Gibbons picked Nottingham Forest to beat new boys Charlton @1.83
Andy Ewart knew AC Milan would prevail away from home @ 2.10
Ian Booth went for Preston's home win against Swindon @ 2.87 did you hear Paulo Di Canio's rant about his keeper on the radio...priceless)
Steve Tester went the opposite way to me this week and picked Leicester to beat 100% Blackpool..and they did. @2.20
Jonathon Dunk was flying in the face of the opinion of ...well everyone and picking Everton to lose!! But it worked. WBA under Steve Clarke are flying and chewed up the Toffees and spat them [email protected] 3.00
Nigel Howlett hit the scotch this week. He knew Partick would beat [email protected] 1.80
Steph Cook..bless her little heart.. she took time out from being Darryn's long suffering wife!! And stuck her pin in the coupon and it landed on Leicester to beat Blackpool. And they [email protected]
Last but not least ...fanfare...... der der der der der der der.......The PICK OF THE WEEK.
Duncan in the Paul Gascoigne League went with a draw between Wigan & Stoke and guess what... it only bloody was a draw. That got him a whole 3.25 get in.

Only one 100% record remains and that is with Matty Gibbons. He stays at the top of the overall league with both Dunk & Howlett only pennies behind.

Time to go now ...I need a lay down in a darkened room and its well past time for my nap.


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