WELL IT WAS A START...OF SORTS - Season 25 - Week 1

Hello everyone, welcome back to the heady world of weekend predictor. The weekly pin stabbingly sweaty moment just before you push the submit button on your pick...it’s what we live for. Mo Farah may have won 2 gold medals in front of a stadium full of screaming patriotic britains....... but does that really come close to the moment....the precious moment of your weekly pick.

Picture the scene: a room in virtual darkness, just the light from the screen illuminating a hopeful face, the door closed to stop the kids annoying you, copies of four two four on the side so you look like you know what you’re doing, ‘wait a minute!’ you shout to the wife/girlfriend/significant other (delete as necessary) ‘i’m making my pick’. She/he goes quiet. She/he knows that this moment is the most important in your week. They know it’s probably a stab in the dark. You look at the list.
Fulham you think...they’ll struggle this year no not them.
How about an upset you think, first week it’s a possibility. But WBA against Liverpool....Brendan Rogers he’s meant to be bringing a renewed Liverpool push for the top four no not them.
Ok Swansea they did well last year and their only at QPR...hmmm....no they were a flash in the pan last year..not them.

Then you decide:
Ok lower leagues ....Chesterfield they are meant to be doing some good this year i’ll go for them. Or abroad ...PSG have spent loads of dosh i’ll go for them. Or....Spurs will win at Newcastle they can’ t do that again. Or...Stick with a dead cert Liverpool at WBA thats as good as won. Or...Arsenal will overcome Sunderland easy RVP or not. Or...Portsmouth are in disarray i’ll go against them.or... Fleetwood town have spent lots they’re expected to do big things i’ll go with them.

Fellow pickers I have news for you. Only 8... yes eight correct pickers this week 16% of picks made.

It just goes to show it truly is a funny old game!! And if you don’t believe me ask Sir Alex.!

Grant Elder & David Rosser worthy of a mention for picks over 2.00. well done guys.

Welcome back.... in the words of Professor Brian Cox old band mates Things can only get better.



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