Season 24 conclusion - Week 10


How did it happen. I spent ages looking at the picks, working out the scenarios making sure that my safe pick of Man Utd would still see me through to winning the Pele league. But i missed it. Was it a late change. Did I just miss it. How did I let it happen? Trevor Gibbons pipped me by 4p. Four little pennies £1.80 to £1.76. OMG!!

Well it’s all over. Man City win their first title for 44 years. QPR survive. Bolton rue missed opportunities and dubious decisions. Swansea end with a flourish. Arsenal keep third. And the Bayern Munich fan club has had a 1000% rise in membership from abroad (north London area).

As I have mentioned through gritted teeth! The Pele league was won from 4th place with a great  pick, joint highest of the week, of the Bolton draw @ 3.4. taking Trevor Gibbons to the title with the lowest ever total of £1.80. Alan Blackley (me) finishes 4p further behind in 2nd place with 1.76.  Ian Booth tried hard to avoid the drop picking the Stevenage draw @ 3.25 but it wasn’t quite enough with James Delahunt finishing one place above him by 12p.

The Maradona league title was wrapped up by Matthew Gibbons with Dickson Pato moving into second place picking up a great Italian result with a Udinese away win @3.0. just beating Jimmy Smith to promotion despite Smiths winning pick of Man Utd @1.44. The bottom four stay as was and drop down.

The Dalglish league was wrapped up and parcel posted weeks ago by Sean Locke. This week he won with Cheltenham’s play off triumph over Torquay @ 2.37 taking his total to £8.87. He also won the overall league title. Robert Paton finished second despite a loss this week. The notable movement below was Dave Horseman who went a safe Chelsea win @ 1.33 it took him to £5.20. Thomas Rydehard didn’t pick and therefore lost £1 meaning he dropped to £5.70 and goes into the relegation places. Well done Dave.   

The Shearer league finished with a damp squib with just Phil Smith picking. He lost but stays top with David Lloyd taking the other promotion place. No-one has plus figures. Enough said.

In the Lineker league just 3 people have picked all season. Of those Andy Ewart & Tony Southworth have secured promotion a long time ago. But for the record Andy had a winner, PSG at home @  1.57, Tony didn’t! But with 7 people not picked all season I foresee an axe falling on some of them!!

The Gazza league has been very competitive this season and maybe with some of the non pickers higher up some of these players will find themselves elevated a level.  But Darryn Cook was so super confident this week he didn’t even bother to pick!! And it worked. He finishes top and third in the overall league! Al Smith secured his promotion place with an Inverness Cally Thistle win @ 2.00.

In the Pineapple Lee league again just 3 active pickers so maybe some movement for all. Who knows. But James Holland took the title with £4.41 which was enough to get him 2ndplace overall. Steve Tester was safe in 2nd place in this league.

Again big up the Holdsworth league The winner, Duncan, had a total of £5.33. COYS87 finished with £2.48 Ian Menzies £1.73. good solid scores which would have won some leagues. We look forward to next season to welcome you all to the leagues proper.

The top five in the overall league were:

1.      Sean Locke - 8.87
2.      James Holland - 4.41
3.      Darryn Cook - 3.93
4.      Matthew Gibbons - 3.84
5.      Robert Paton  - 3.80

Well done to you all. Football is a funny old game and predicting just one result is trickier than you think. Well done to all the winners and if you didn’t succeed this time don’t become a non picker just try try again.

If any of you wonder what a fat git I really am tune into The Chase on Tuesday 15th ITV1 5pm. You’ll see me make a tit of myself.

Adios amigos



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