Squeaky Bum Time!! - Week 9

Well well well who’d have thought it? Manchester City’s Billions have bought the premier league title, barring a terrible result against QPR at the weekend. Chelsea win the FA Cup. Cup Double anyone? Wigan the form team of the prem stay up. Bye Bye Blackburn Bye Bye. And it’s Roy of the Albion for England. How....... underwhelming. Its a funny old game!

In the leagues this week we only had 12 winners out of 43. Not a great week but some unpredictable results about. Like Pick of the week for Douglas Kerr with Dundee Utd beating Champions Celtic @ 4.2. and a notable week for Phil Smith with Oldhams triumph at Carlisle @ 3.6.

League by league.


Looks like it could be a record low winning score for the Pele title this season. The top two both lost with the notable mover being James Delahunt with Brentford away @ 2.3 taking him into 3rd place. One good winning pick on the last week may clinch it for any of the top 5.


The top 3 remain the same with Gibbons losing but wins for Smith & Pato. The note worthy move was for Ross Jones who picked Fulhams’ win over Sunderland to move out of the relegation places and maybe save himself from the drop. Nigel Howlett took his place.


Martyn Cornwell had a chance to pull off a momentous week when the top two lost on the Saturday but it wasn’t to be. Only the afore mentioned Douglas Kerr picking a winner this week moving him from 2nd bottom to 4th and relative safety. Well done.


Just one winner in the Shearer league too. Phil Smith goes top with his win but it is still quite open with any one of 4 being in a position to win.


The Lineker league has become a two man league this season and both those men won at the weekend. Andy Ewart stays top with a PSG win in the French league, and Tony Southworth picked QPR’s win over stoke to go into plus figures. They are well in front and are both assured promotion.


The Gazza league had just one winner this week. Darryn cook won with a safe Bayern Munich win in the bundesliga @ 1.66. This keeps him top with 4.93 and practically assures him the league title. But the mystery is what happened to Daniel Cook this week he failed to pick and automatically gets -1.00. He missed a big chance to overtake Al Smith and his misplaced trust in Spurs. There remains just 14p between 2nd and 3rd with a week to go. So all to play for.


Just one picker in this league. James Holland, he speculated with Newcastle but came a Ya Ya Toure cropper. But however, he is assured promotion along with Steve Tester who knew this and didn’t even bother to pick this week. That’s confidence.


Duncan won again and must be chomping at the bit to get involved in the leagues proper. Also a win for Ian Menzies.

Overall league

The only winner in the top five was Darryn Cook who moves to within 2.57 of the leader Sean Locke who has stuck to his guns and not played safe after his big Wigan win. If Locke fails again next week and Cook picks a decent priced winner it could all turn around. Oooh it’s so exciting.

Pick well my friends. Last week this week. Then the Euro’s.......and Hodgson’s Heroes!!!???

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