Barca 2nd best. Hope for everyone! - Week 8

What a week. Wigan do it again. Chelsea beat Barca. Ronaldo can’t take a penalty! Spurs win!! Southampton make it back to top league.

 A rather quiet week, the weather is shitty and it affects your brain FACT. It’s rained so much I’ve got water on the brain, I need a tap on the head. c. Morecambe & wise 1972 Christmas special

The Pele league had 9 pickers of which 4 won. I climbed back to the top after my stuttering couple of weeks with a pick of Sheff Weds @ 2.1. Sohail virdi moves into 2nd picking Carlisle home win @ 1.72. makes it interesting with just 2 weeks to go.

The Maradona league this week had a full house of 10 out 10 pickers! Well done you can all have 5 minutes extra playtime. 6 out of 10 won as well so a good week. The upshot was that Matthew Gibbons moved further ahead now on 4.70. jimmy smith stays 2nd despite losing. The main movement was lower down with Steph Cook, Ross Jones, Ricky Jones, all winning with picks of over 2.00 giving themselves the Bolton route out of relegation. We will watch with interest.  

Seven pickers in the Dalglish league all Lost. Martyn Cornwell eventually lost his 100% club place. Sean Locke remains out in front both here and in the overall league on 8.50 but he is coming back to the field. With two weeks to go it remains to be seen if he can prevail.

 The Shearer league had two pickers and 100% success. Both Bill Imrie and David Lloyd picked winners. Bill getting the pick of the week seeing value in Dunfermline beating Aberdeen @ 3.5. That foresight sees him climb into the 2nd automatic promotion place. Ayoko Ono missed this week. Davuid Lloyd stays in front on 51p.

 In the Lineker league Andy Ewart went French with Montpellier beating Toulouse @ 2.7. Him & Tony swapped places at the top.

The Gascoigne league is getting good. 6 Pickers 3 winners. At the top Al Smith slipped up letting Darryn Cook storm into the lead with Liverpools win @ 2.00. However, the family success continued this week both Mum (Steph in Maradona) dad Darryn and now son Daniel all won. Daniel putting extreme pressure on the 2nd place with the Montpellier result. @ 2.7. This leaves him just 14p off the automatic promotion place. With 2 weeks to go its game on. The other winner was Jen Lewis with Charlton @ 2.1.

The Jason Lee Pineapple league 2 pickers no winners. Holland and Tester still at the top miles ahead of the rest of the field. No successes in the Holdsworth either.

The top pick this week was. Bill Imrie @ 3.5 with notable picks from Ricky Jones @2.75, Daniel Cook & Andy Ewart @2.70.

In the overall league the top five all lost. If this continues the smart money is on the form pickers, maybe Darryn Cook (50p each way) his only loss was in week one. He is the Wigan of weekend predictor hitting form at the right time. (Anyway that’s my kiss of death section done.) With only 4 winners in the top 15 of overall league. Darryn, Daniel Cook, sohail Virdi & myself the race is on.

Two weeks to go people. The Championship is over, two games left elsewhere, one in places. So choose wisely, some may have to go for value, some may need a miracle (just back Wigan) but on Monday night (i wrote this sunday eve) the premier league title could be over or right back in the balance again.

Hopefully the rain will stop this week and the sun is going to come out. I’m all uplifted,

Happy picking people.
Keep it moist.


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