Goal line technology or just glasses!! - Week 6

Forget goal line technology just get all the refs glasses!! Some terrible decisions this season, continue this afternoon with Chelsea's 2nd Non-goal. It didn't matter in the end but do the ref's not realise there are leagues to be won here points to be awarded. It's not until the refs realise that it doesn't just affect the millions of pounds the football clubs earn but it also makes so much difference in the predictor leagues up and down the country!! Martin Atkinson...more like Rowan Atkinson....

Anyway what happened this week people? Only 13 winners out of 46 pickers. 28% win rate. Personally I blame the refs!!

There is one person we need to big up this week. He is the only picker to have a 100% record this season. Due to Steve Tester not picking it left Martyn Cornwell of the dalglish league as last man standing in the 100% club. So well done to him see if you can keep it going til the end of the season.

In the Pele league just two winners. Myself who picked Shrewsbury to win, they went one nil down but came back to triumph 3-1. Nick lines was the only other winner and he moves up into 2nd. Still quite low scoring tho.

Maradona league had just 2 winners too. It means Jimmy Smith goes top and Craig Lowe closes in on 2nd place. The rest are how they were.

Two winners too in the Dalglish league. Robert Paton with the mighty Leeds 4-1 demolition of Posh and the afore mentioned Martyn Cornwell who played safe with sheff Utd at home. Unfortunately for him the two above him are going well with Sean Locke still way out in front and Robert Paton 2.03 ahead. He's going to have to abandon the safe option if he wants to push for promotion. Or does he go for the 100% record for the season. You see David Cameron these are the issues that the man in the street wrestles with each week the real problems facing 21st century Britain.

Two winners for the Shearer league as well Ayako Ono picks Liverpool's comeback win for one of the top picks of the week at 2.3 she moves from 5th to 3rd just 30p off top spot after the top two both lost. Bill Imrie was the other winner making sure he didn't go all season potless.

The lineker league had 2 picks both lost enough said.

Woo! two winners for Gazza league. What is this Noahs ark week winners coming in two by two. Darryn Cook with the welsh Barca's drubbing of Blackburn @ 2.1 moves him into the promotion places. Jen Lewis moved up one place with the Man City gassing of the canaries at 1.61 All to play for.

In the Jason Lee league Jeevan Jassal deserves mention cos he recorded his first win this season with the welsh barca @ 2.1. James Holland slipped up but with Tester not picking he maybe got away with it.

Yet again the holdsworth league is the place where the big picks hang out. All the best people use just one name Madonna, Prince, Sting. Well we have Duncan who picked the late penalty win by Hearts over Scottish champions Celtic to set up the first all Edinburgh cup final since 1896.(see learning something too) he scored 7.00 for that pick of the week. And COYS87 (come on you spurs 87,im told) was a winner meaning the top two have 8.00 and 5.48 respectively. Strong stuff well done guys.

Just a footnote. There is just one regular picker who has picked each week and is still yet to win. Its Chris Blackley (ha ha ha ha ha) on -6.00

Have a good week. Chin up Spurs & Everton fans. Well done Wigan for midweek result.

See you all next week


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